Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bud the Oracle's fax to the Vancouver District Provincial Court

Court on the 18th in CR 307

Cover letter to Vancouver District Provincial Court

Bud the Oracle

Free Man Upon the Land

phone: 778 329 6043


To: In Re: 201530 Fax: (604) 660-4322
Date: July 2, 2007 Pages: 02
Under this cover find our lawful excuse from your de facto court.

Main transmittion to the Vancouver District Court

Spoken version of the fax below (MP3 audio archive):

Bud the Oracle

Chief Justice of The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society

Clerk of the Marihuana Guild

Free Man Upon the Land

phone: 778 329 6043

Saturday, August 22, AD 2009.

In Re: File Numbered 201530
Vancouver District Provincial Court

To Whom It May Concern:

On the Eighteenth day of August of the two thousand and ninth year of our Lord we did
present ourself in your Court 307 as Bud the Oracle, an agent for our former persona Klaus
Kaczor. We did demand that the woman occupying the bench give sight and hearing of her
commission by which she is granted jurisdiction over ourself, Bud the Oracle. We did ask
her three times to give sight and hearing of her commission, and she failed to provide it.
Therefore, we proclaimed that she was not a holder of any office in right of the Crown and
that no one present need acknowledge her as such. At this time she directed Sheriff Services
to remove ourself from the Court.

We were removed into the hallway where we sat for some time. About an hour later a Staff
Seargant, numbered 734, directed us to Court 514. We felt we should comply as there was
a sign at the door saying that you will be tasered if you do not comply with the Sheriffs.
Therefore, we went with them to Court 514 and sat within the gallery.

A man in black robe with red sash entered the Court and took the bench. He called the
matter of Klaus Kaczor up, and we again stood as agent for Klaus Kaczor, our former
persona. We did then demand sight and hearing of the commission of the man occupying
the bench of Court 514. He did not produce a valid and subsisting commission, and we did
demand this thing three times, and after he had failed for the third time to produce such, we
proclaimed that he was not a holder of any office in right of the Crown and that we need not
acknowledge any of his judgements as having the force of Law.

Therefore, we do not recognize your process as sufficient nor lawful, and we do reiterate that
we are lawfully excused from your Court per our Claim of Right, Bud the Oracle, Chapter I,
Schedule I item III, a copy of which we do include below:

"I claim the right to revoke my consent to be represented and governed by other than myself
via lawful excuse and by so doing free myself from all statutory obligations, restrictions and
limitations, if doing so is in my best interest.


Bud the Oracle
All Rights Reserved.

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