Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marijuana makes me more aware, not less intelligent

Another season for forest fires throughout the world could be chnging weather patterns. Immediately global warming deniars are on the roosts squawking about solar cycles and normal weather patterns due to natural factors. More people are executed in the prohibition battles here in the lower mainland. Crime and police promoters deny it is due to the policies of prohibition.

It almost seems absurd to me at times, that I am trying to change something so unmoveable, so large as a society's ignorance. Do the forces in power not want a lawful, peaceful society? If they could point to ONE successful social model where prohibition worked then I might have faith in the strategy. THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS PROVEN TRUE BY HISTORY IN EVERY CASE: PROHIBITION CAUSES MORE LAWLESSNESS AND CRIME THAN IT DOES GOOD FOR SOCIETY.


Do our "leaders" not have a duty to abandon failed policy and try something different as part of their social contract? I can't understand the likes of candidates here for the provincial elections promoting the same line 1920's prohibitionists used. These candidates bring their culture which includes autocratic dictastorships and executions to our society and these policy lines are happily adopted by the mainstream conservative parties.

It seems people are either too stupid to understand the mechanisms of power or they have been distracted purposedly through fraud to impliment policies which are not in their best interests. You have a corrupted system which works for those in power at the expense of the citizenry. Every year you pay more recieve fewer benefits, hire more cops, judges, and lawyers and we have more lawlessness. And people blithely continue to support failed policy, because it is promoted through fraud by people in trusted positions.

There seems to be a veil over people's eyes. Perhaps it is due to the expansion of irrational fear, the distrust of normal curiosity and personal freedoms of confident men and women. The shift is from personal resilience to the nanny state as we are expected to give up more of our income to buy safety through social insurance policies and services.

More than 99% of the people I meet readily agree that prohibtion is a failed policy. I speak in depth with at least 1000 people a year randomly, and less than a handful are for prohibition, therefore I conclude that our Justice Minister is lying when he claims that a majority of Canadians want harsher penalties for drug offenders. Why we must suffer as a country with shootings, and violent crime, less respect for the police and the law for a lie, is beyond me. This policy is causing social mayhem which is increasing in its intensity the longer these policies are in place and the harsher they become. Drug use is a personal choice with no relation in nature to a criminal act.

The entire sole purpose of THE criminal law is to govern interactions BETWEEN people. These interactions are basically violence, theft, fraud, slander. Any interaction where one party unfairly interacts with another party causing physical injury, mental injury, economic injury to another party is a crime.

The use of drugs of all kinds directly causes injuries, if injuries occur, to the user only. The dangerous behavior of people who use any substances and those who are not using any drugs is already covered by criminal law; impaired driving, family violence, abherrent sexual behavior. The side effects of normal drug use are no worse than alcohol use, if that. The use of motor vehicles is much more dangerous, killing millions directly in the world today while contributing largely to climate change. According to the best scientific data available, the use of all substances combined is nowhere near the impact of our growing addiction to gasoline.

This prohibition is only another version of the tyranny of a majority over a visible minority and comes directly from an era which promoted such hateful human instincts as policies of social experiments. The fact is, it is a useful vestige of that time of social control experimentation to be used for today's politicians to generate fear and hate. It is a built in whipping boy that the mindless bovine herd can be relied on to respond to as it has been taught in a multi generational trained way. To criminalize freedom of choice over a moral judgement call from that era is in itself on the face of it, absurd, considering the mountains of knowledge we have accumulated through science since then. We have also appologized for some ot their other racist legislation in light of today's standards, but stubbornly these politicians climg to the lie for their own purposes.

For instance, we have overwhelming evidence from modern science not available to the people who put these laws into the criminal code, that marijuana is beneficial, rather than harmful, to its users. We have overwhelming eveidence that prohibition causes increases in substance use and crime.. There is a mountain of evidence that these laws cause corruption in every level of policing and government. In my life alone I have caught the very top levels of the Canadian Government breaking the crimional code in an organized fashion because of this law, in an effort to harden these laws.

When you think about it, it boggles the mind. The reason you hear nothing and CBC is relunctant to give me much exposure, is (a) I caught them aiding the government in promotinhg a hate crime after the 4 mounties were murdered in Mayerthorpe. (CRTC file # 233039). I had no lawyer, otherwise they would have had to pay a large sum of money. Without checking to the government's statement's veracity, CBC blithely promoted the lie that marijuana growers (and by implication smokers) were indirectly responsible for this crime within hours of its commission. How arrogantly adsurd for a sophisticated corporation like CBC to climb on to a hate crime being committed. The legal department should have known what this "stupid toker" KNEW while toking on a joint of Trainwreck; "That when these guys blame something on having been committed by a certain group, without even a preliminary investigation, it is likely to be vicious propaganda." The cops and government officials were tasked to respond by saying these words if they were being fair and honest as required by law: "The matter is still under investigation therefore I can not comment." Holding a readily identifiable groups responsible before any investigation is done is irresponsible AND ILLEGAL.

It is the same kind of incompetence which is quite common in Canadian police murder investigations in which they target someone as being guilty and railroad an innocent victim for the crime allowing the murderer to escape and commit another crime.

(b)The Canadian governemnt, once I made it aware of the breaches of the Broadcasting Act and the Hatecrimes Act, should have charged those actors who promoted this hatecrimes on TV and Radio, under the hate crimes act. It was good enough for Paul Martin, Steve Harper and Jack layton, all of whom I apprised iof the crime, to allow the commissioner of the RCMP to withdraw his statements and appologize for making them. You never see this segment aired by CBC as much as they aired the lies of the government. In not charging these people with the crime they committed it means that the Canadian government committed, and then covered up, its commission of A HATE CRIME AT THE VERY HIGHEST MINISTERIAL LEVELS.

(C) THE RULE OF LAW WAS FURTHER jeprodized when the Provincial Judiciary, and also the federal Justice departments, then would not allow DAVID AHENEKEW to withdraw his hateful STATEMENTS WHICH DID NOT HAVE THE FORCE OF A GOVERNMENT MAKING THEM AND WERE MORE HISTORICALLY HATEFUL, RATHER THEN A CONCERTED EFFORT TO CALL FORTH HATRED AGAINST A LARGE SEGMENT OF OUR PRESENT POPULATION which the government ministers were trying actively to do.
Hear my involvement in this part of our history on this 5 minute mp3 podcast "An email can change the world"

Another reason why you will not hear of my intelligent actions on anyy media is that it will encourage the average person to believe that they have power. This is contrary to what the government wants us to believe. In fact they don't want any more people hearing about the fact that you can become free from the bullshit by formally withdrawing your consent. Along with the forces that rule us now we are against other activists who seek to conform to the system but beg it to change on their behalf. We say the whole thing is a stinking foul mess which needs to be overhauled in creative ways in order for us to be able to adapt to the ever changing conditions which are a normal part of the flux of evolving life.

The whole social system has become a stagnant pool, a quagmire of foul laws and moral attitudes designed to dampen the bright creativity of the human sopirit and make us into fearful slaves of conformity, wards of the Nanny State..

It's about time you get off your collective fat, sugar fed asses, and do something to ensure your freedom, even a chance at the future for your children. The system we have in place now needS radical overhauling by sincere openminded people who will never be given a chance to. It is fATALLY FLAWED BEING TERMINALLY RESISTANT TO CHANGE.

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