Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's get ahead of the wave Canada: Legalize Now!

Get off your couch Canada, get ahead of the wave of sanity which is going to wash over America in a reactionary tide.

We the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society, have taken this issue to the Mayor of Vancouver with an offering of a branch as a gesture of peace in creation.

This is the time for Canada to get smart and boldly step where no American has the courage to tread. This will symbolicly set a new assertive tone to our North American relationship. Best of all we can test out the parameters of a legal controlled trade. How will tourism be affected? Will the Olympics be more peacefull, require less policing? How will the regulation and control help decrease local drug crime policing costs? Will it add a more civil tone, or, less civil tone to the community.

To be cowed from seizing the ring of being able to set up the tone and primary control of the distribution of eventually all substances, is folly at this moment. To shrink back from this beckoning launch is to miss the opportunity of the most progressive social experiment of the new millenium in its foundational stage.

This is bound to come and soon, all over the world people are revoking their government's control and general disorder is on the increase. People will no longer be over controlled without pushing back, and hard.

As Ron Paul says, there is no rhyme or reason for Prohibition, other than to practice state tyranny. Tyranny always increases general lawlessness. The exact model we have around us.
This also is a way for the Canadian Government to step formally back from the pressure of American Diplomacy. It is our society and the marijuana guild which technically is the "Demon," not Canada.

Technically Canada can rightfully claim "Sorry, Baba Obama, but we have this weird thing, mistake really, in our bill of rights and freedoms. Due to it, the clever, stubborn knotheads who figure it out, are lawfully allowed to withdraw their consent to be governed. Who would have thunk that, eh? We let this small knot of knotheads from the left coast into our parliament by mistake, but now there isn't a friggen thing we can do about it. They kind of sideswiped us with some funny headgear and... well, maybe some members were thinking of know how these committee meetings get? They even left us a peace branch saying that they are gonna control and regulate the whole thing so none of us courageous politicians will be tainted by the title of drug legalizer. You know it might just be wise to leave off with the drug persecutions in this day and age, don't you think?"

We would have a proffitable Olympics, Mr. Robertson... Less policing costs. More happy people visiting the most progressive city in the world.

Time to hop on the bus, Gus. Get yourself Free, Lee...

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