Friday, August 14, 2009

The White Wolf howled tonight

The White Wolf howled mornfully tonight, three times. It was a mid range in volume warble of the saddest dimensions. I could hear tenants above me scurry to their windows. He tore at my heart. It was rude imprisonment he suffered for his loyalty to bud oracle. You can see how traumatizd he was being led away. He is directly connected to my soul, and I to his.

The neighborhood feels warm with love for us. I am not alone! I strolled with him 72 hours after the assault and I found it extremely painful to climb down the 37 steps to Great Northern Way. The same just walking down the steep driveway.

To think that decent jailers would want to work with rogues and criminals. I think that I was looking into the eyes of at least one decent ethical human being who has the courage to change things.

To think that your government would employ the likes of these thugs to "administer justice" to a 59 byear old demonstrator for public safety and the stopping of the violence around us, because he verbally claimed that he was being detained illegally after 6 hours and no instrument of formal charges had appeared.

I taunted them with "The government of Canada is a criminal organization" which is true. I said that I could make their weeks wages lawfully selling marijuana in a couple of hours which will also come true soon. As they opened the cell I continued unabated, and said with my hands in my pockets "What the fuck you silly goofs gonna do? Attack a 59 year old man for telling you that you are the moron you are?" I think those were my exact words. very close.

That is exactly what they did, when they could have left me in my 3 by 7 foot bare cell in which I had been kept for about 4 of the 6 to 7 hours of my confinement without food or drink or toilet facilities.

That wasn't enough with the verbal taunting at me. They had shut another heavy metal door at first when I started raving about being illegally incarcerated. My loud voice could not have had much impact on their "sensitive" perhap delicate? eardrums after transiting 2 heavy steel doors.

I know that aloofus and I are not alone. There are decent people everywhere rooting for us. Intelligent people who are tired of the insanity. some in the very bowels of the dragon.

How dare the Canadian Government employ peole who would terrorize and then assault me, a sovereign head of state, for trying to make our common existance safer.

They illegaly held a head of state, stole my crown and denigrated me. Well we all know the precedent Canada set when upon false testimony it paid for Mr. Mulroney's lies.

I demand nothing less for this physical assault as an officially recognized head of state by the Canadian government. I can prove that I am not lying. This is for the bennefit of humanity and my community, and that the Canadian Governmwent has officially recognized our Society with me as its head which doesn't Recognize the Canadian CDSA.

Therefore this was an illegal arrest of someone who was practising their right to lawfullly sell marijuana. This precedent had been set on the 9th of August by being left to practice an open preannounced sale of Cannabis unmolested. There is a video record of the VPD doing a driveby investigation.

The next day I thanked the Mayor and the VPD and AGAIN ASSURED THEM OF OUR WILLINGNESS TO MAKE COMPROMISE ON DISCUSSIONS. We asked them for everyone's consideration to communcate with us in peacefull negotiations, should they have any concerns.

They can't just come and arrest us the next day in lue of peacefull negotiations, since these are our rights as conferred upon us by the federal government of Canada and now asserted by Claim of Right on the 9th.

Arrested illegally only to be assaulted in the worst ever assault of my life by thugs wearing the uniform of the VPD. I fear permanent damage to my legs. The strongest part of me till this moment.

I will not settle for less than that scoundrel liar and taker of bribes, Mr. Mulroney got for fraudulent assertions.

My claim exists in right before Jesus Christ!

I have at least the same honor and dignity as this character of dubious ethics. Where Brian risked getting found out when he took those envelopes of cash, I actually risked my life for my community (google I trusted the RCMP)

Where this shady character lied about damage to his reputation? to get his settlement, I have honestly risked everything and been severely physically beaten for it. I will not have less respect than this other former head of state recieved from Canada.

Some people think I am worried that I might have signed something under torture. I signed all finger print copies "duress" one "under duress" This was after I as beaten and had seen no doctor. Every video of me will show me suffering in all movement severely from the time of the beating. I still can't walked without severe pain. I fear permanent damage. I actually do. I don't know if I ever will have joy in riding my bicycle again.

These are the results of the VPD trying to enforce the CDSA supposedly for my own good.

Fuck right off you heartless Morons, Harper, Nickleson, this will spell the end of your idiocy, I swear!

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