Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Generation Rx: the reason I don't suscribe to a doctor's care

See the whole documentary "generation Rx," starting with the exclusives below

I tried prozac in the aerly 90s after I graduated from my attempt at retraining and was at a low point in my life not able to secure employment in this field. After two month I knew that nothing was working as claimed and I once again went to my favorite vegetable. I had quit to go back to school. My environmental studies came in handy fo getting good results in the grow business, so all was not lost.
the main effect for me was that it narrowed my focus dulled my imagination and gave me a slight ringing or buzz in the back of my head. I was still depressed but didn't notice it so much. my life was dull. When my first attempt to grow outdoors succeeded and the crop filled me with optimism, I moved to BC in the spring and have nevr been depressed since. CBC TV news was a grand modern marketing scheme not unlike the Yukon gold rush was in its day. Go west young pot grower the prices are outrageous and there is virtually no one getting caught. Of the few unlucky ones there were few of them going to jail. Shit what is a little risk when you are well compensated for it.

I don't trust my health to anyone else anymore. I have learned how fallible these people are full of fraud and arrogance and overly ego inflated for what they actually do. They actually think that they understand WHAT THEY ARE DOING and will pretend to it even if they don't.

If I have an injury and need patching up fine. Other than that, I hope to see a few more decades of continued good health due to a proper lifestyle, diet(including marijuana and psychedelics) and exercise

On the Radio one "Ideas" there is a related program by chance tonight. We heal ourselves mainly. "Harvard professor Anne Harrington walks us through the terrain of mind- body medicine."

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