Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mark Boyer sentenced to 6 months for trying to assert God's laws of Creation

A "what if" in the future scenario; a Freeman society developed its own well trained and psychologically balanced force of peace officers. They need not even be armed on mass, but backed up up by a well trained, qualified, armed tactical force with new types control defensive force strategies and capability. Perhaps trying to limit at all costs any collateral civilian damage, unlike our present police forces, they could repel deadly force from government attacking troops.

Certain degenerate individuals in key positions would be targeted for their roles in the reign of drug war terror, and the torture of of harmless humansjust as other war criminals have been in the past.

My version of doing this would require the installation of a lawfull court to judge on normal international human rights laws and the bible. There would be an open broadcast of the proceedings, a jury of 12, and the defense could be broadcast into the proceedings and be the best the law society could provide.
Yes we would give them standing in our courts unlike they do us. Then we would carry out the appropriate sentence, if they are found guilty, in a conceiled underground prison with modern facilities. I don't foresee (in my screenplay) the need for a large prison system, because there won't be the necessity of more than a few exammples, before these psychopaths realize that they can become the vicims of their own practice of tryanny!

Who wins from the war on drugs?

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