Friday, September 25, 2009

An offer from the Clerk of the Marijuana Guild, Bud the Oracle

I, Bud the Oracle, welcome the first twelve people to comply with these parameters as the founding members of the Marijuana Guild.

Through registered mail you contact the Attorney General of British Columbia and inform him to these matters IN A COMMUNICATION SIMILAR TO THIS. YOU MAY WISH TO HAVE YOUR LEGAL ADVISER HELP YOU DRAW IT UP. The lawful valid time period may be less than 30 days to give notice (first 12 to have a valid claim of right confirmation under the marijuana guild). Anyone from anywhere can offer to invest money into a lawful business in British Columbia as long as they meet the trade/immigration requirements, all you have to do is inquire as to the status of this valid lawful Claim of Right. Here is an example of what I have in mind.

"This fellow Bud the Oracle is claiming that you are leaving him alone even though he is openly selling pot from his place and on Youtube, due to his claim of right. Is this true?

It appears that he is correct in his assertions to me, as you are apparently leaving him alone. As I am a pot smoker/activist and would also like to benefit my community by selling to people 18 or over, I am thinking of becoming a lawful seller of marijuana under a claim of right and the protection of the Marijuana Guild as he does.

Here I would put up as many links to me selling pot as possible in public---that's why I put them there: as proof that I can do this

As I do not wish to be incarcerated, I need to be told in writing that I would not be afforded the same protection from the drugs and substances act as Bud the Oracle, and why, or else consider this your notice of intent which becomes my Claim of Right in 30 days.

He claims that he can not be arrested under his Claim of Right as Bud the Oracle and that the warrant out on KLAUS KACZOR is invalid and can not be served. If this is not true can you tell me why you do not proceed with an arrest as required by law, so that we are all clear as to the law.

I write to you in trust that you will clarify the matter for me in law, in order that I and others who are considering this, do not put ourselves at unnecessary risk.

Yours sincerely

I am saying that I believe I have this Claim of Right intact and all you have to do is for the price of a registered letter, check it out. Membership in the Marijuana Guild is Free and Members make all future rules except the founding rules.

The opportunity could be momentous.

Live TV Program on this extraordinary offer

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Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

Watch live video from Bud the Oracle's Cyber Temple on

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