Thursday, September 24, 2009

The truth about the war on drugs: a fraud of huge dimensions

Damn right this is fair game! He was blithely making me a depraved criminal for smoking marijuana for the CONservative "law and Order" agenda, all the while a coke addict. This is what the CDSA allows: corruption of the laws and Justice system by criminal fraud artists.

1. The Cocaine Conservative

It’s rare that we Canucks get a truly juicy political scandal, so let’s thank Rahim Jaffer – and presumably, the drug cartels of some South American nation – for this one. Jaffer, who became Canada’s first Muslim MP when he won the Edmonton-Strathcona riding for the Conservatives in 1997, was booked last night for drunk driving and possession of cocaine.

Jaffer is out of politics now, but his wife, Helena Guergis, is one of Harper’s star MPs, and she’s the federal minister on the status of women. Jaffer himself has publicly contemplated a political comeback – though we’re willing to wager that it’s not really in the cards for him anymore.

Read about the scandal in the Toronto Star.

This is what some people get from psychedelics. Beats a fifth of scotch in my books any day. And these wonders belong to me through birth into creation!

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