Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I thought they were being molested," Schoenborn

Some may say that this is the talk of a deranged man. This is the explanation that Allan Schoenborn gave the mother of his 3 children whom he had murdered last year.

To me this man's face is exactly how I view the face of our government. If you think this guy is deranged for claiming to be protecting his children from molestation by murdering them, then you must also find the actions of the Federal government INSANE in claiming to be protecting drug users from drugs by harming them with the legal system, placing them in a dangerous illegal environment to be ruled by organized crime to supply their needs and by creating the side effect of death and mayhem to those who participate in the illegal trade because the government creates the black market with its policies.

Therefore, just as this tormented, deranged man supposed it was better to kill his children than to allow them to be molested as his deranged mind told him they were, our government is behaving in exactly the same way with the harm it causes it's drug using and non drug using citizens alike, through the CDSA (controlled drugs and substances act)

The only real difference is that the Government of Canada has set up the conditions for thousands of deaths over the years. At an ever increasing rate, too.

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