Monday, October 12, 2009

Death in the Family CBC Fifth Estate--wrongful conviction

The Government of Ontario tore this family up through the negligent/shoddy work of it Crown Attorneys, its coroners, and its police.

One of the foundations used to perpetrate this crime on an innocent family grieving over their loss was to paint the aura criminality upon the victims themselves. Through its anti drug propaganda the government already sowed the seeds of divisions and hatred amongst the soon to be deluded by shoddy police work, traumatized by the loss of a child, family. They were ready made victims for officious morons with law degrees to work on. The government made work out of them and spent great expense, time and effort into turning this grieving group of close victims into a seething tormented nest of hatred.

I say that government is always sowing the seeds for future perversion of Justice when it makes arbitrary laws like the CDSA; turning law abiding, harmless citizens into lifetime victims of the legal system.

Once someone is pigeon-holed early into the "drug User" category, all crime could possibly be committed by any such person according to the marketing of the government, with only their own propaganda as "proof." From this foundational "known to law enforcement as a drug user" vantage point, it is then easy to make these harmless, perhaps only dangerous in being more adventurous in their spirit, people into victims of the courts in the future should the opportunity arise. Maybe it is these intrepid adventurers, a bit rebellious in their spirit who would have much to offer to society, if they weren't lured by this government created opportunity for lots of easy profit, the CDSA.

You are damn right that I am not apologetic for becoming emotional upon hearing such a story in the video below. I only wish more would rise up in constructive action against this lunacy. Next it will be you or your loved ones whom these goons will be targeting.

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