Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why does the government try to make criminals out of peaceful people?

The Odd Barnacle (my neighbor) and I drew some vinegar from each other this morning. Often we clash over the basics, but quickly move on without malice. He is right to question my continuous output, like my video on power this morning. Even to me it seems like I am approaching the manic stage. Not a thing is dangerous about it to me or to anyone else, though. So what if all my stuff not comes gushing forth, even if most of it is pipe dream sampling? Does this portend danger, or creative mania? Who cares? If you don't like it, go back to Jane's channel on Justin TV. I tuned in this morning after getting an email notification sh was on. I basically said this to her because all we get is her looking at the Screen and typing with some odd words thrown in. She is pretty and young --early 20's. (although after my comment someone quickly proclaimed that she was not young and not that pretty)

Here is what I did, because she had over 213 viewers on with over two million views altogether. This is about as interesting (along with the mindless chatter in the chat) as watching paint dry for me. I said something like this:

"Jane have you ever considered that the reason you have so many viewers is because you are young and very pretty. Seeing as you don't offer much else in the way of entertainment don't you wonder who your audience might be??"

The problem is that she does seem like she could do much better if she were aware of it. She seems a bright little cookie, plus she is pretty.

Isn't it the duty of the older wiser generation to gently (sometimes rudely) remind the younger ones of where the fine lines lie? Maybe some people wish to be internet predators, but what about internet mentors? Yes, as there be suicide sites why not develop more websites where people who have been researched for there experience and compassionate nature, as well as criminally checked, are made available to those who might reach out to someone. The Office of the Altered State would fund something like this. I don't see how going after the predators in such a case could be nearly as effective as this positive approach might be. It might have been that Nadia in Death Online was partially guilty of luring the predator into expression.

Was out and about with the White Wolf at Trout lake today. Saw an old native buddy who has a black Wolf today. He is oldnow and it might have been the last time I SAW HIM Tears came to my eyes when I could see my beautiful white wolf in his old age. I really, really miss my camcorder with the fall colors coming on. Also missed recording a small interaction with a group of recovering addicts.

A lovely young lady with a deeply emotional aura was smitten by my crown. So I went over and she showed me the pictures of her lovely two young nephews. I hope she recovers and lives to enjoy children of her own. She seems to have the raw material to make a very good mother. I was able to express my points of views in an interesting exchange. It was a beautiful day.

Before this meeting I had received a call from a friend I had met last night. He had come by with a fellow who comes from South Africa with his girlfriend and we also had a warm exchange and they thanked me for my activism. He called to asked if I had found his glasses and to look out for them if I could. I wondered if they were expensive. He said yes and that they were his favorite sunglasses. My neighbor the irritable Odd Barnacle came immediately to mind. He is a scrounger of the most pernicious kind. I mentioned this to the caller and told him that if they were around, the Odd Barnacle would already have found them. To belay his fears I neglected to talk of the Odd Barnacle's habit of counting the dollars to be made by a quick sale on Craigslist. Low and behold that was the exact scenario that greeted me when I came home. The Odd barnacle was only minutes from placing the ad. I have the power!

On a peripheral note, another friend, someone who signed my claim of right, found a friend's dog who had been lost in the north shore wilderness for 6 days. Good things happen around me. I feel that because I am doing the right thing that I am in possession of the POWER

THERE IS NO WAY THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA can make a criminal out of me, because I am a benefit to my community and a peaceful citizen.

Tomorrow a neighbor may come by and recount stories of his fishing trip with his dad on the Island. He purchased some schrooms from me and I am eager to hear how it went. He told me his dad used to do them when he was young.

Anyways, I hope everyone is happy with their families on this thanksgiving.

This video below says it all! I am still watching it for the first time but this is why they can't do anything to me. I suddenly realize that I do have the power due to my alliance with knowledge and my commitment to the truth within me. I have discovered the truths within this video independently because I have been seeking them honestly!!

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I got off my ass and made this commitment in my life to bring safety and sanity to my community by repealing the CDSA. It is a fountain of pleasure-giving life to me, not work at all.

My psyche is alive, my freedom intact, my power unlimited!

Architects of Control : Program One - Mass Control and Future of Mankind
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