Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's early Sunday morning and I can't sleep. Might as well write something. A close friend has lost her last parent and I wonder how that will hurt when it comes to me.

This protest at the courthouse must be done for the good of my community, as well as my own ethical core. Several times in my life the police and government have broken the rule of law. That is why I withdrew my consent to be governed and then formed a society.

I have felt so strong about the danger and crime around me, that I went so far as to appear before the Parliament of Canada to make my point as Chief Justice Bud the Oracle. I gave up all benefits from this criminal organization called Canada. Still, the rogue agents and police harass, assault, and treat me as a criminal under their control. All while they whitewash themselves of the latest TASER murder. Since I had that 10 minute session with Lester B Pearson, in 65 or so, in Thorold, and government became a grand concept, the reality of what Canada really is has shocked me. It's like waking up in a nightmare.

This Conservative government is corrupt, a blatant American imperialist boot polisher and has debased the entire spectrum of Canadian values. Harper seeks to install an American controlled police state by all measure. Not that the liberals were any better. 3 non electable creeps for leaders in a row now, shows us that the entire barrel has become rotten. They need an overhaul bad but the entrenched criminals are not inclined to let go of their last tenuous grip on power.

What disappoints me the most is the dullness of the entire spectrum of the citizenry. Having given up TV myself, I understand that it is the major cause of our collective idiocy. Besides promoting government/establishment fraud, this is a mind numbing time waster. In a democracy, if the people become too disengaged in their day to day governance, neglect their duty to remain assertively engaged to keep governments in check, tyranny will quickly seek to fill the unguarded void. This tyranny is pervasive and not even comprehended by the lower echelons who are hired from a dimwitted pool and given job security in return for perverting the law. This corruption cascades through the entire spectrum from judges to jailers, from politicians to cops. Soon all niches are filled with those actively or unwittingly supporting oppression. People who try to make a difference are denigrated and harassed for it. Every avenue for constructive change is blocked and the rule of law perverted.
What is a poor person with an ethical core to do if they do not wish to march with the Nazis? Maybe that is why any true change comes from violent revolution. The tyrants are too arrogant and wont allow the slightest spark of freedom to ignite anything remotely smelling of Justice.

Well, if these creeps get to send me to jail after I have created a legal out, a lawful excuse/claim of right for myself, perpetrate tyranny on me for the sake of quelling my peaceful liberty and promoting control and regulation for a safer community, I then will explore whatever other avenues might be necessary. Remaining with a criminal organization such as Canada which seeks to harm its harmless citizens over their choice of diet, is not a viable option for me. Come what may I am committed to my goals at any price. I am prepared to give my life for it.

Perhaps I made a mistake when I was being vetted for membership into organized crime. Surely, a guy with my talents, skills and fearlessness would get another chance to make up for my mistake.

What I do know is that as people are shunned from society, via oppression, they tend to gravitate to a like minded bunch. This is why there is rampant crime around prohibition. The hypocritical liars such as Rahim Jaffer and dumb sheep who believe them set up a situation where intelligent people who thirst for freedom, not nanny state uber control, are driven into associations where the laws of the tyrants no longer exist, or "criminal enterprises" as labeled by the oppressors. Those who participate in/support this forced free market simply because they feel that they have a right to choose their own diet, do so being otherwise law abiding citizens.

When 6 million people in a country of 30 million disregard a law, this decreases respect for all laws and sows the seeds of criminal gang violence with evidently abundant fertile results.

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toosexyzoe said...

Bud I wish you could write my letters to politicians for me lol You really know alot about whats going on. You certainly walk the walk you talk, very inspiring!