Friday, November 27, 2009

When respect is given me, I give it back.

Although it seems like I am angry, I am not. And many of the personnel either nod a hello or say good morning. I respond with sincere good wishes back. There have been a couple of incidents with sheriffs and cops and even lawyers where we parted with mutual respect, today. Some cops understand that they should also be held to the same laws as everyone, they welcome civilian oversight. Some even want to see see the end of prohibition. Some lawyers are disgusted with the system and want to see changes. Many people who work here see the futility of drug prohibition and the increase in violent crime directly in response to our institutionalized idiocy. I am not against anyone personally but want people to understand my motivations and how sincere I am about my goals. I wish to convert people to our way of thinking. First you must tell them what many tens of thousands of Canadians think. I do this with as much respect for an individual that I can muster, while not holding back about the role they are playing serving the system. Everyday I GET THUMBS UP FROM MANY PEOPLE. Several have taken my picture and quite a few have taken my card. One cop went in today ranting the old fraud "Smoking pot fries your brains" in retort my question about why cops get away with murder. Yeah, fries them enough to see the lies, I guess. To this moron cop it a generally accepted thing that cops should be protected by insulting those that point out a deficiency in the application of justice. According to his way of thinking cops should be allowed to pervert the rule of law and used fraud to paint others in a negative light because they have no real answer as to why cops should be above the law.

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