Monday, November 16, 2009

A malady of hate is generated by the CDSA

On the Fifth Estate's documentary "Over the edge" by Linden MacIntyre the story centered around how this young man got sucked into the smuggling of pot because of the lure of money and adventure, both common attractions for young people. The hate evident on the comments to this story is a direct result of our government's prohibition policy. These morons forget that a former rum runner and big time smuggler Joseph Kennedy produced some very powerful children who contributed much to mankind. These people are too myopic to understand the concept of a law which is the root of crime. I look at young Sam as delivering medicine at the risk to his life. Yeah. he did it for money more than altruistic purposes, but still he probably had no guilt over breaking this law. Unlike Rahim Jaffer who will fight this charge and never admit that he was doing the business of representing his constituents while high on cocaine, passing hard hypocritical laws that oppress the common folk.

This is why we said goodbye to Canada.

I withdrew my consent to be governed because there is no rule of Law in this country. Police officers can murder with impunity while peaceful people are imprisoned for selling a vegetable.

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