Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Signs for Marc Boyer protest

The new signs really drew a few double takes. There are some giggling types, perhaps young lawyers, who don't seem to understand the harm they are causing people and that their job is not a laughing matter. They are going to find out that I can be a formidable opponent. Also I have nothing to loose and everything to gain the longer I keep at it. I feel good doing this gig and come what may if they don't LEAVE OFF WITH ME I WILL BE IN THEIR POWER BESOTTED FACES CONTINUOUSLY, TILL THE COWS COME HOME. This is so much fun I hope it is a long lasting gig.

This gives me fond memories and perspective. When I first started flying in 1975 and boldly told people that this is what hang gliding would soon be like, they laughed at me.

Yeah, these criminals manning the courts might laugh at me today, but tomorrow they will be buying their substances from the Marijuana Guild. Somehow I don't think the jail goons are laughing so much now.

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