Thursday, December 10, 2009

Did you know that Jus and Injuria are mutually exclusive?

Did you know that in terms of Anglo-Christian legal heritage, drugs simply cannot be prohibited for free individuals, for the prohibition requires theft, and theft is of injuria, not jus, and the Monarch's power is that of jus, not injuria, for jus and injuria are mutually exclusive. This is all outlined in the Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society's Charter and various Acts of Parliament.

"The king, since he is the vicar of God on earth, must distinguish jus from injuria, equity from iniquity, that all his subjects may live uprightly, none injure another, and by a just award each be restored to that which is his own."

"As for the words his right, they mean his merited right, for because of delict or a pact broken or the like one is [de jure] deprived of his right. Or say to each means to him, that he live virtuously, and to God, that he love God, and to his neighbour, that he not harm him. Or say suum jus' means her right, that is, [to each what justice entitles him to]; she is called justice because in her all rights reside."

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