Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The power of vocal protest

This group of concerned bikers was standing around very quietly being present. Until I came there was no action. The cops and sheriffs were looking bored. Once I began to shout things like "this bell (ring my tiny bell with a cross on it) tolls for Robert Dziekanski, TASERed to death by the RCMP" "This bell tolls for Ian Bush,shot in the back of the head by the RCMP" "This bell tolls for Orion Hutchison, killed by a drunk RCMP" "This bell tolls for Robert Knipstrom bludgeoned and TASERed to death by the RCMP" "This bell tolls for Kevin St. Arneau, shot to death by the RCMP" "This bell tolls for the death of Justice in Canada." the armed gang members always above the law earning a hefty wage were not looking bored.

My presence was felt!

Canadians have been trained to behave and be accepting of all the bullshit the government feeds us and remain nice. I am getting to understand why the press stays away from me like the plague. One guy eloquently smearing their own crap into their faces with a clear strong voice is way more effective than a quiet respectful crowd milling around with signs by a long shot.

There is no way to ignore a biting truth flung at you with a strong clear voice. It enters the psyche and injures the spirit if it has the ring of truth.

The silent milling about is a behavior that speaks to me of a cowed attitude, a well behaving little citizen. Come on you mice open your big mouths. Can't get loud unless you have consumed some courage in the form of alcohol and socially trained to only be loud at sporting events? Good meek, quiet Canadians easily managed by a handful of overweight sheriffs and scared trigger happy mounties looking for a stapler or dangerous sign bearer.

Come on people, if you are pissed off at something why not show it? Speak the fuck up you mealy mouthed complainers.

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