Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A funny take on Natural Selection by George Carlin

I found this on a blog I enjoy Alles Schall und Rauch (see the title link)

This reminds me of something I was speaking about with an officer of the VPD this morning at Waves during my protest. We had a wide ranging exchange and I believe were frank and forthright about what was said. To me it is remarkable how similar The UD Society's goals and this officer's are. C is a 23 year vet and is involved in training and wanted some honest feedback as to the word on the street about the VPD.

What I liked most was that he agreed with me that the most consistent way to stay safe whether on an individual level, or world level, is to treat someone as you wish to be treated. I think that he understands very well that the CDSA causes lawlessness and disrespect for the police, making their job harder and less safe.

The creation of our society and our attempt to fulfill the promise contained in our parliamentary remarks via the Marijuana guild and the court of Justice to oversee it, seemed in particular to interest him. I hope for all our sakes more intelligent cops like him get a larger view of things. Thanks for your time and interest C.

This is the summation of my original contribution to science while under the influence of LSD

I only mentioned this because of my belief that for some people there comes a heightened awareness while on Psychedelics. There had been revealed to me while on psychedelics on the protest a very serious security breach which was obvious to me and once I explained it he agreed. Just as it was obvious to myself and others that those signs were a flagrant violation of the laws, unless there is someone with a fresh perspective people can not see the forest for the trees. I gave him the information that came to light in my drug induced mind and it might help save someone's life if taken seriously. I won't mention it here because it is too easy and could easily result in a blow to our complacency and cost lives. All it took for me to realize this was a tiny bit of my favorite awareness enhancing substance. If he is serious about public safety, he will take counter measures I am sure.

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