Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanks for the respect/let's work together!

I really appreciate the civil responses and honest communications I have been getting from my targeted adversaries, the members of the BC Law Society who have stopped to chat. This respect in turn begets respect on my part and I have left off with my derogatory tirade.

Also the police have been giving me respect, therefore I have left off with my most biting remarks.

I feel like I am in the clouds doing aerobatics! Honestly, something in reaction to my perceived success has been giving me the same tingly feeling inside that I used to feel when I was connecting with thermal lift on a cross country hang gliding flight. I feel a good vibration happening!

The Registrar of the UDS is trying to get us standing before the Police board. What we have to say may be of the most critical input on the improvement of safety to both the community and the police themselves.

It is a matter of mutual respect garnered by enforcing Laws through Jus, not Injuria.

We feel it is also time to look at the tax benefit to the Province of British Columbia, if aggressive, pugilistic sports like Extreme fighting are allowed for entertainment purposes(and well it should), at least the marijuana guild should be granted similar trial status for the benefit of society. This significant recovery of revenues would defray the costs currently shouldered by the health care system while organized crime shares none of its windfall. These direct benefits coupled with the relief for police forces due to being unburdened by the pointless enforcement of poorly thought out laws would make our communities much safer and lawful.

I Love this song and the joy expressed in the video.

She asks "Can I fly more?"

Oh yeah, we can fly some more!

Some things never cease to attract my attention

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