Monday, December 7, 2009

TASER Warning signs to be removed from BC courthouses

A reply from the Attorney general's office to my video thanks to the UDS Registrar.

"Thank you for your e-mail of November 23, 2009 addressed to the Attorney General regarding the TASER warning sign posted at the Vancouver Provincial Court house. I have been asked to respond on behalf of the Attorney General.

I appreciate your bringing this issue to the Attorney General’s attention. As a result of the Braidwood Inquiry recommendations, I have directed all sheriff offices to remove the TASER warning signs located in secure areas of British Columbia courthouses.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Maedel
Executive Director and Chief Superintendent
Sheriff Services Division, Court Services Branch
Ministry of Attorney General

So, maybe take a peek inside to see if the sign is down, though it might
take a few days...

So who really gives a crap what the rest of you controlling types think sooner or later you will be giving me the freedom I demand. I am not harming anyone and my state of mind is my choice so you can take a flying fuck and get off my back. One thing is for sure I will not be judged by the likes of anyone who could walk by that ignorant sign for many months and claim to be trained in the law and loftily claiming like that hypocritical Judge who sentenced David Malmo Lavine, to be about the rule of law. Yeah, right you lying violent oppressor supporting fucks!

I will not be submitting to lawless tyrants who pervert justice daily, anytime soon. Especially when I risked my life on the 11th of August to make my community safe, was submitted to assault by the jail guards all so that these perverts, who are busy making my community unsafe while destroying the rule of law, can wear nice clothes. Not by a long shot.

Just letting you know what I think on the record so you can think what you like without a single twinge of guilt. Go get a couple of belts of Scotch in ya, laddy! That should settle the nerves, I know that I am a scary lookin' guy! Grain alcohol will do if you are really nervous and have nothin' else. Not too much though.

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