Friday, January 15, 2010

Bud the Oracle may prorogue protest due inclement health

Thankfully this happens rarely. I feel totally fine, except my bowls are not functioning in the normals fashion. I am sure it is a flu of some kind. Probably swine (I love Pork). Just kidding. I don't feel generally bad but lack my usually morning luster and a bit of energy. I have been deteriorating FOR 3 DAYS NOW, yet this is the first time I am willing to admit that there is something wrong.

I will see what it feels like closer to noon. The rains are still falling, with a momentary breather.

Robert, my challenged neighbor has already knocked on my door seeking answers. I have needed help in answering my questions a few times before and was glad when aided with kindness. It felt good to receive the milk of human kindness.Here is my chance to give it back. The latest story from someone else, on him, is that he used to be a beneficent employer, but probably due to exposure to unmitigated toxic substances in the process of his manufacture, he became mentally deficient.

Today the BC Supreme court Decision on the Federal Government's challenge to the "In Site" safe injection sites right to operate was due and it is in favor of continuation. The Federal government has a chance to appeal this decision, though.

The Chinese Gate with the Terry fox Mural on it, welcoming people to BC Place, struck me as being odd yesterday, as I passed by it. The first impression I had was that it was an attempt to marry local Chinese heritage and Luck via the traditional Chinese Gate CONSTRUCTION and the Tradition of a great Canadian hero"Terry Fox" strictly for shallow marketing purposes. All bases are covered, aren't they? Or are they?

The realization I had as the white Wolf and I strolled by under our umbrella was that these two ideas clash tremendously. Here is how.

The arch is built according to Chinese Culture which is based only on luck. The qualities we all love Terry Fox for are, determination, courage, and honesty have nothing to do with luck in the Chinese Culture (Of which I don't know much). I do know that one quality that poor Terry sorely needed and never received was Luck. In fact didn't his luck run out?

As an Oracle who has the gift of the third eye, it is what I saw yesterday as I strolled by and saw the mural on the gate the first time. It seems that the whole thing was erected for marketing purposes without consideration for its deeper meaning and the forces involved in the tradition. This seems about as hypocritical as erecting a cross at the entrance to a casino, imo.

Can the Canucks ever win the Stanley Cup with such an albatross around their necks?

I think a traditional Chinese expert should be consulted and this matter researched diligently, because things like this matter more than many are aware of.

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