Thursday, January 14, 2010

Olympic Torch Nazi gift to mankind, Vancouver weather very warm

The Crack addicted Crows are barking up a storm , yet the spring like birdsong nearly drowns them out. The weather is not even remotely winter like. Are they sure that they got their promo right? are these the Winter, or Summer Olympics?

The other Question is, "Will Hitler...I mean Harper give us another memorable PR Tradition?"

Perhaps he'll decree the Olympics Prorogued!

That's the Gift our dictator may be remembered for in history. Unlike the Third Reich's noble symbolism, Canada's contribution might be remembered as the non event, the no snow show. Maybe that is what God has in store for those who worship idolatry and war arts. That was the original, is the enduring and the future foundation of the Olympics, isn't it? That's why Germany went overboard, wasn't it? They wanted to show off their strength, their prowess in fierce competition. Why do we need always to cater to these arrogant gladiators who cheat at the least provocation? Why is this over the top marketing extravaganza foisted on a community which can't take CARE OF THE NEEDY AMONGST THEM? Why the media spin about the greatness of this BS event? To project the war spirit?

I am awaiting with amusement the revelation in store for all of us. At any rate, there seems to be bit of cloud in the face of the lovely Claire Martin weather person at the CBC. It is sad to see her take it so personally. She even looks like she thinks that she might be able to influence it. Perhaps that is possible for her. After all she is an award winning meteorologist.

Or, maybe god is being influenced by the will of others?

Or maybe there is no God, only Hitler, Harper and the fools who believe them?

Don't you find life interesting?

It is for me.

Holy crap, praise the Olympics! The neighbor who is mentally challenged and I haven't seen, others were concerned about, just showed up and said hello this moment! I was worried that something had happened to him and prayed for him! Awesome!

Now I am going to have to learn to deal with him in a better way than before. I am glad god gave me another chance to get it right.

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