Sunday, January 10, 2010

I will not be protesting Jan 11th, Vancouver

A notice to would be protesters that I am committed to a prior engagement. I will try to go out on Saturday to see what the weekends are like. Had a great weekend, hope you did too. Met some great people and dogs... very nice!

I don't get how Rob Nicholson can say with any degree of honesty that Canadians want prohibition kept intact and even stronger punishment in Bill C-15, when I can not seem to run across any. Could he be lying?

Why not visit the ganja gourmet

I wonder why some people can consider themselves mentally balanced yet torture people like us with criminal sanctions? I am going to demand a mental assessment of the court should it try to prosecute me, or else a reasonable proof that this law conforms with the standard of freedom a citizen is allowed in a democracy to control one's own diet.

Unless the government can prove this type of behavior harms anyone, it will never be able to proceed against me. The law must be within the reasonable grounds of producing no harm to people who are harmless, especially if their behavior does not directly impact on others in any harmful way. There is no impact as comparable to the use of alcohol here with marijuana ecstasy LSD, DMT, Magic mushrooms, or even heroin, crack cocaine, and crystal meth. None of these substances cause harm comparable to the prohibitions laws to individuals and society.

That is the end of it within what the government can do legally under a charter of rights which is supposed to guaranty everyone an equal standard of living and freedom from unnecessary harassment.

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