Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ashley Smith: Out of control?

The man who gave the order for all this torture and finally to "Not go in to her cell unless she has stopped breathing" is head of corrections. Isn't that where the buck stops? Why the fuck is there never anyone held to account so that others pick up the slack and do their jobs with due diligence?

This girl was tortured in the federal and juvenile prison systems! How could Canada not be guilty of aiding in war crimes in Afghanistan? The agents and guards don't seem to have any real training that can solve a mental health issue. They can't even diagnose an obvious mental problem, rather they themselves aggravate this girl's disturbed REACTION TO THEIR DISTURBING ACTION.

What kind of a citizenry is good with the Prime Minister ducking and running from answering to democracy and proroguing parliament to shut down accountability?

You Canadians seem to be a despicable, lazy bunch of cowardly bovines to allow such goings on as standard fare, unimpeded. Canadians uncaring response to these issues disgusts me. I am glad we have formed our own Society. I will never belong to the criminal organization known as Canada again. My ethical bottom line to my community is much better than that. You can have your glory in Olympic hockey gold, it is meaningless in the real world and comes at a lowering of concentration effect and loss of liberty.

Get off your facking fat asses and do something, you mindless minions. Sheeple who deserve to be ruled by police state dictators is what Canadians are.

Speek of the devil

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