Monday, January 25, 2010

The Marijuana Guild solicits schedule for Psychedelics from the Court of Justice

The Marijuana Guild is about to schedule Psychedelic substances into its calender. We solicit any serious input. All people are welcome to contribute, for the benefit of humanity. Please seek out the forum in the title link and add your considered thoughts. We are amenable to all good creative ideas as this is part of the liberating process of intelligent thought that we seek.

Here is the forums index board: Aula Regia Electric See Forums

This is why:

We have created a legal sanctuary to express justice since the Canadian government was not willing to perform its duty to its citizens to control and regulate.

We told the Parliament of Canada in the parliamentary record that we would do this and they accepted our right to do so, by recognizing our legitimacy. Even when pressed the Government of Canada has never denied that we have the right to do so.

The Unincorporated Deuteronomical Society was again given standing before the the Vancouver police Board at which time we explained how we implemented our promise to control and regulate to the Parliament, by creating the Court of Justice and the Marijuana Guild. We also had a chance to reiterate our points of founding law and that Canada or its agents had no jurisdiction over us. I did affirm our rights by demonstrating that I could roll a joint peacefully while in the meeting.

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