Monday, January 25, 2010

CBC The National 25/01/2010: Heart Stroke Foundation a perfect storm

This little news item is so indicative of the folly of believing that the Government is looking out for our interests, that I had to write about it.

It seems like there is coming a huge crisis in health care due to a convergence of demographic and health factors. Young Canadians, old Canadians, female Canadians, those whose diets are under the benevolent care of "The Nanny State" are a burgeoning problem in the making. These non, EVER YOUNGER psychedelic using, beer swilling, Fast food addicts who are couch bound and non protesting, non thinking, complying drones are in for heart disease in a big way.

It turns out the government didn't have their best health AS A PRIORITY when they allowed these addictive deadly substances to be marketed from fast food outlets everywhere TO EVER YOUNGER CHILDREN WITHOUT RESTRICTION.

Thank God I have had the sense to follow my own diets and addictions and can still walk in Protest for 5 to 8 hours a day, six days per week at the age of 60.

Yeah, they sure think that I am dangerous and want to make a criminal out of me, because they don't like my choices and me promoting them. Can you imagine the change in government should there come hordes of active, healthy, consumerism rejecting, thinking people, happy to walk and not be addicted to gasoline, free of taxpaying mindless conformity, always believing the lies.

The results of not thinking for oneself are clear in the photo above. Then the government wants to charge ever more in taxes to cover their mistakes and "rectify" them. Fuck off elected members and control your own lives with your idiocy. Repeal the CDSA and help our communities have a safer, lawful future, you facking morons.

Harper is an idiot who shoots himself in the foot trying to thwart democracy. Not the Political master he was predicted to be, is he?

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