Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainbow John assaulted by VPD for reporting an assult by CONCORDE SECURITY


If the people in charge of tormenting me think that this will deter me, or the illegal confiscation of my camera. Or the theft of my 2 grams of hash and gram of pot, they are wrong.I was not charged

Where is that facking camera? I don't believe the police ever follow the laws they are tasked to enforce. As if we were some kind of problem for asserting our God given right. Blain Christian # 2187 assaulted Rainbow John when he asked to see his badge.

Concorde Security assault Rainbow John as if they could easily get away with it, were above the law. And as we see the VPD asserts their right to break the law in order to enforce a statute against smoking a medicine as deemed by health Canada. They will again hold it illegally because they are the goons with guns and TASERS.

It's all right to give the kids the message that violence is OK and smoking a carcinogen as deemed by Health Canada is fine, but smoke something deemed a medicine and all laws can be violated in right of tyranny.

I am seriously tired of seeing goons standing over me trying to convince me that the have jurisdiction over me, that they are on the side of Justice. Bullshit to all you idiots, you are the criminals, always unaccountable to the law you dish out harsh violence on others who are peaceful people, who seek protection under the law. They obviously don't have a clue about what law and order is.

I am free and there will be no charges pending against Bud the Oracle. Sooner or later, an enlightened Judge with a conscience and a bit of courage, with a feeling that they must stand on the side of right, because they believe in God, will do what is right, of that I am sure.

They will give them an order to either charge as Bud the Oracle, or, cease and desist.

A radio interview with Rainbow John on Coop Radio this morning

Email this morning garnering a response from the OPCC

----- Original Message -----
From: Bud the Oracle
To: blain.christian@vpd.ca
Cc: Robin ; mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca ; info@opcc.bc.ca ; Jules Burt
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 7:33 AM
Subject: Re: incident 10-15059

Blain Christian # 2187,
I, as a human being, can not stand by and allow behavior such that your partner and you displayed to my friend and myself. You waited until there were no witnesses and then ambushed us without properly identifying yourselves. You laid hands on us although we were peacefully strolling along minding our own business.

You told me that you had been observing us when we were calling for 911 at Robson square. Therefore you must have watched us walk peacefully away. Your behavior as a police officer is criminal, and as a human being, dispicable. God will see to it that you will get your just reward, I am sure.

You have stolen my possesions and are required under section 337 of the Criminal Code of Canada to return them forthwith. All of my lawfull possessions.

My friend, a small man who was no threat to you, who had the legal right to require you to show identification, was seriously injured by you without cause. This I will never forget!

Seeing/recieving your criminal behavior on the street and the unlawful seizure of the evidence of the assult perpetrated on us by Concord Security shows me that you are unfit as a police officer.

The evidence on the video camera also includes the security guard's refusal to show proper identification, under the law upon request. Will you charge them as reqired under the law? If they showed no proper ID then by law they had no right to make demnds of us in the first place, were just plain thugs as their behavior shows on camera. Until they showed proper ID they can not identify themselves as security guards and have no authority to herd people around.

I demand these stolen items back forthwith. Within 24 hours, in order that I may lay criminal charges on those security guards who failed to identify themselves and assaulted us. We have every right to cal the police and seek lawful help against such criminal behavior..

These statements I make in truth under the authority of Jesus Christ.

I say again that you are guilty of assault under the laws of God and your criminal code and that you are guilty of theft under section 337 of the criminal code

Bud the Oracle
Chief Justice
Unicorporated Deuteronomical Society

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