Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a beautiful feeling to wake up to, I am who I am!

To those government agents who visit my blog regularly: You have no power over me. I am the one you will not be able to make comply to your idiocy, otherwise known as the CDSA. I have been tasked with the demise of this practice of injustice, you can not stand against what is right. You have no weapons or tools capable of perverting God's creation and gift to me.

I was born free, I will remain forever free no matter what you will do to my body. I know full well who I am, and have been endowed with the strength necessary to carry out this challenge properly. Whether you harm me or kill me with your injustice means nothing. I always will be.

The moment I see jail I will have the strength to remain free, whether I live or not is of no concern to me. I mean nothing and everything, in this equation. All that matters is that the tyrants be denied this tool of torture on my fellow practitioners of their freedom of choice.

I revel in the joy of victory daily. It will be fun today spreading my joy and knowledge. I am looking forward to the protest and smoking my herb in front of the courthouse as well as on the Art Gallery square. This is a powerful place for me.

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