Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yesterday Aloofus and I passed by Science World

There was a huge herd of Junior High students. Their energy was tangible. They immediately focused on the White Wolf and rumors of wolves rippled through the crowd. I got a real sense that we are a herd animal. The reaction to Aloofus was similar to any herd of predominately young gazelles. Their security became alert. There were several security guards and some supervisory staff.

At the leading edge of our encounter, first there came curiosity. The wolf was already lagging behind, being wary of this crowd. As soon as I called for him to follow and he approached, of course the curios wave of juveniles frightened him. He put up his bluff, warning them verbally. It worked like it had been rehearsed by all. The crowd jumped back and frightened twitter flowed back and forth becoming clamorous.

I told them that he wasn't going to hurt them, rather he was warning them to stay away.

The young crowd got it immediately, and Aloofus took his cue, not wasting a second. He made a dignified bee line through the crowd and the kids were in awe as he strolled quickly past them.

All, including Aloofus and I, learned a valuable lesson through experience in that moment. The kids, some excellent wolf/animal respect and a valuable understanding to replace a bit of irrational fear. They were taught by the White Wolf about giving another creature its space and respect.

I gained more trust and insight into the White Wolf by seeing that he wasn't really concerned over the children, he only took charge in his alpha way, and as he bee lined it through, I noticed a distinctly proud, amused waggle in his fully curled, arrogantly fluffy tail.

I heard the excited young crowd babbling like a brook until the sound faded out of earshot as we walked on.

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