Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome everyone to our historic Psychedelic schedule confirmation court session Feb 9th

Click the title above to link up to the court of Justice proposed Psychedelic schedule. Please peruse it carefully and plan to attend our court session at (tentatively) 11 am. There will be a documentary crew attending this historic moment.

We also wish to have constructive input if possible. Why not enter the discussion at the forum in the title link?

Not many people get the chance to see history in the making. Psychedelics will be lawfully for sale after the schedule is passed to people over 18 for the first time in North America as a straight forward commercial transaction.

There will be no charade involving sacraments and shamanism, only an honest exchange of pelf for product. I know we will have Cubensis mushrooms, DMT and hopefully MDMA and LSD as well. Come see what's shaking if you can make it.

564 East Broadway. One block west of Fraser, south side.

Some of you may think that we are trying to sneak in under the radar screen. Every authority that should be notified of our existence has been, imo. Here is the Province of BC on this blog right now.

Province Of British Columbia ( [Label IP Address]

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