Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bud the Oracle detained by the state!

The allegation of heroin 'trafficking' turns out to be false, and the crown has stayed count 1 as a result! Bud was confident he was only selling purest DMT!

Cleverly and nastily though, as Bud was charged with heroin (a federal charge) and as he'd previously responded that he would continue to sell in the same manner (the day after his arrest) - he was detained without bail. At his second hearing a week later he elected a supreme court jury trial and then he told the judge he'd been hasty in thinking selling was his only means of support & activism - so he wanted to apply for bail, and change his prior 'statement'. This is where the judge said he couldn't help any longer - unless Bud opted to move his trial back to a provincial court and forgo his jury trial and the judge essentially said he could walk... but at this point Bud opted to stay with his jury option (as he thought he had no other choice) so he's been detained since.

Now the real nasty part. Even though the federal charge (of heroin) is now stayed - and the remaining counts fall under 'absolute jurisdiction' of the provincial court...his original statement of continuing sales (against the federal charge) now continue to allow the crown to keep him detained? Although he would be able to apply for bail he has no paperwork, no lawyer, no legal aid and despite the promise of a 'friend of the court' he's seen no-one to date 3 weeks in!! This federal crown has made it clear they have no interest in having Bud released so he can work on his trial defence, the JP sitting yesterday told bud he's to be detained until trial - which may be at least a year off - as the crown has asked for a 3 day trial. 3 days is the most I've seen in these activist cases (even Marc Boyers didn't come close to 3 days). The federal crown did tell the JP that Bud has the option to apply for a bail variance...but could not offer any input as to how Bud might accomplish this from his cell - without paperwork, without access to the internet, a lawyer (he has no money), legal aid (he earns too much money) or the supposed 'friend of the court' (which the federal prosecutor admitted had they not even had a conversation with and couldn't confirm whether they'd actually accepted..).

Any arguments Bud may have at this point (including beliefs about his unlawful arrest - or his claim of right/color from selling with notice given (i.e. following law), attending the police board with the intent to open the store - and rolling a joint there too!!) have no weight in determining his bail variance though - so he may be out of luck there anyway and as I said the crown has no wish for him to be released. This is despite putting the government/s on notice. Attending a session of parliament and being heard officially. All government offices have visited his websites and perused his documents / claims / videos etc...


So Bud is being held by the state. They intend to find him guilty, not have a jury...and put him away for being an activist. Nothing about their actions makes society safer. Prohibition continues stronger than even and continues to get great support for these 'just doing my job' types like this Ms. Adrianna Switzer - the federal prosecutor on this case. I've noticed also this same prosecutor is used on all these activist cases, so I assume she works closely with the AG, Rob Nicolson and Harper in promoting this harmful prohibition. Another 2 teenage girls died last week - presumably from too much alcohol and other drugs, perhaps adulterated - all due to prohibition and lies around safety of consuming substances. Promoting alcohol yet condemning cannabis or mdma!!

Held by the state now for THREE WEEKS....

From Bud:
Catching the government lies...and doing something about it!!

Catching the government's illegal 'tazer signs' at government facilities and doing something about it.

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