Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Behalf of Bud Oracle


as you may or may not be aware, the blogger 'Bud Oracle' (you may also know him by the name Klaus Kaczor) was taken into 'custody' on February 17th 2010 by 'law enforcement' agents of the province of British Columbia, or the Dominion of Canada, I'm not sure, strictly speaking, how that works.

Bud Oracle now faces 'charges', stemming from his recent activities, related to trafficking in several proscribed materials, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.

I visited Klaus at the North Fraser Pretrial facility. Circumstances have made it difficult for him to maintain contact with people, I told him that I would post some things around to help remedy that.

He doesn't have any of his phone numbers. He can phone out (no calls in), but hasn't access to his address book. He has no internet access.

He says that he is intending to push ahead with a jury trial, and wants see through what he's been pursuing so far and put it in front of a group of peers in a jury. To this end he is anxious to get in touch with any of his activist cohorts to strategize and plan for this.

As well he is wanting to hear from any and all friends and acquaintances.

He can receive letters, as Klaus Kaczor, (some restrictions, I think), and visits can be arranged 24hrs in advance during the week. The number below is pretty helpful.

North Fraser Pretrial Centre

1451 Kingsway Avenue
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia V3C 1S2
Phone: (604) 468-3500 Visits: (604) 468-3566
Fax: (604) 468-3556

Write, or visit Klaus Kaczor at the address above.

Aside from these obstacles he is in good spirits. He mentioned a good turnout at his last court appearance and was grateful for it.

Please remember: in your dealings with the folks at North Fraser Pretrial facility use the name Klaus Kaczor.

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