Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bud the Oracle - Report from inside Jail

from the Oracle...

(he starts by explaining how he was attacked by another inmate that morning and how he's really kept in a place where it's not safe and he's kept with real criminals...he doesn't sound good and is not in good spirits!!)

"I seem to have stuck my neck out somewhere, where it's ready for the challenge what this government is doing...and I've got nobody. There's really only a handful of people who know what's happening to me.

By the time I'm out I'll likely be out on the street and will lose my place...and all my belongings unless I can get some help from anyone out there. Can anyone help me? Does anyone care?

I called up a reputable trial lawyer - basically, they wouldn't entertain the the feeling I'm going to be here a for a long is asking for 8 months (I'm getting double time for time served now) if I plead guilty to both charges by May 3rd.

I'd be in here for 4 months anyway till June 17th and still have only pled guilty so I don't see how that's going to help anybody in society.

If I don't plead guilty the crown is pushing for 18 months to 2 yrs and err...well a Mr Banes (this friend of the court) will apparently help me with my defence - which basically, may mean only, really challenging the grounds with which they came into my place on the 16th - that they had no warrant when they came in the first time...may be able to get the charges dismissed, if the evidence was obtained incorrectly, and then fight the other one in a traditional way - saying look on Aug 11th 2009, bring in the fact that the city was notified on Aug 9th of our intention to sell and fight it in a 'traditional way' - without using the society or the freeman defence.

I know that Robin has another opportunity to present an order of prohibition - if they even allow him to present. Its an argument for their use of 'absolute jurisdiction'...which means they don't have a writ from the crown, that orders me or clearly states that I'm under their jurisdiction. But you know - it's likely and my impression is that they wont entertain any of 'this' (society / freeman) in any of those courts...Robin's presentation at the supreme court was totally ignored by the judge. She didn't respond to any of it, despite her sickly comment about the eloquent presentation...just basically ignored it. He'd done a good job too...but none of the reasoned points were addressed. She stuck to the fact that I'd never recanted my first statements that I'd continue selling - which I did in fact recant in later court appearances - in fact that was where the Provincial judge early on was offering if I changed jurisdiction I may get bail...where I did decline to change from a jury to non-jury.

The fact that they used the non existent heroin charge to paint a poor picture of me...and use it to keep me here, and then repeal that charge. It just seems like that now they got me in here I'm being punished before the fact - it's not just the fact that I have to stay here it's the fact that I'll have nothing...I'll be on the street...and can't defend myself.

I'll lose my place at the end of Mar. Very kindly one of my supporters paid my rent to the end of March and then that's it. Unless I can get some help to remove and store my possessions I'm going to lose everything and wont have a place or my desk to work on, somewhere to have my computer to look for jobs no phone - my whole life has gone up with this challenge and this is all before I get chance to argue with the court...

The prosecutor (Miss A. Switzer) has no interest in the fact that I've been an activist and have loudly been attempting to communicate with the government doesn't seem to make any impact on them (the courts). Her responses have been cold and only 'facts' regarding finding me as guilty as any other 'drug criminal'. This law for them is as worthy as pursuing and as applying to a murderer or an assault or rape or fraud charge. It makes no difference - they discount any evidence or defence, they just go under the basic fact of the law with no window open for reason or mercy on the people or the community or their wishes.

If you consider in Canada 50% probably want it decriminalized the worse option and in BC well maybe 75% want it legalized shows the people has no popular voice or choice in this law or the courts or the way the government operates.

Harper totally lied on his recent interview in response to youtube legalization questions when he stated it's not that because drugs are illegal they are bad - it's because they are bad that they are illegal. Lets see you prove how bad cannabis is to us Mr Harper...Ms Switzer?

The fact that I'm even here and I've got no options and I can't adequately defend myself, it's simply not fair."

Bud the Oracle.


terry said...

This is being discussed on various forums around the World. Bud, there are people who care, but I personally am in New Zealand and can do nothing other than hope you are OK.
The World Freeman Society, TPUC, FMOTL and other groups have posted this info everywhere.

I hope that someone pays you a visit, and helps you sort out your personal business.


Freeman Pete

Anonymous said...

the truth ill set you free

and there just mad at the fact you exposed there tyranny.

so it looks like there trying to make a example out of you if you dont retract your statement

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!!..................................................

Anonymous said...

Nothing comes from nothing.......................................................