Friday, March 19, 2010

Bud's Bail Application Denied

Bud the Oracle appeared in Supreme Court on March 17, 2010. Despite asking to appear in person some 'error' was made which forced Bud to appear by video conference.

The judge allowed a friend of Bud the Oracle's, Robin, to appear and speak for Bud the Oracle. Whilst the judge thought it unusual, she allowed it providing Bud agreed and didn't talk in addition to Robin...

Marc Boyer's video of Bud's bail application appearance.

Robin's presentation lasted about 20 minutes and despite the judge admitting it was an eloquent presentation, the bail application was denied - principally due to Bud not retracting his admissions with the first judge that he wouldn't refrain continuing with what he was doing (selling cannabis etc). He feels he must stand up for the harms caused by what he calls the criminal CDSA. Bud feels that the CDSA itself is causing harm to Canadian society - not the 'drugs' themselves.

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Jaken said...

Hi Bud
Keep on fighting!
You are a true hero!
I miss you. I'm back in Sweden!
Got deported home. They paid for the flight. Got escorted by guards all the way. I'm gonna write about my expiriance from Prison and so son. How the system treat Illigal Immigrants.
Say hello to all the guys in North Fraiser if you see them again.