Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another day on the journey

Thanks to the gods for the chance to call my mother! The cops took my list of friends, prosecutors, cops and called it a clients list. Therefore my parents contact number was lost to me. The lengths these goons will go to to try and keep the gangs safely selling in the school yards is unbelievable. They even claimed to have found heroin on the menu in my store.

The worst was today, though. Because my father is such a mindless conservative right winger, he copped an attitude about my time in jail. This is of course a gift from the Canadian government. I reminded him gently of the fact that he spent time as a prisoner of war directly after his trip to Stalingrad. According to him, as he acted by his silence and proudly saying "I was a prisoner of war" as if having been punished for killing Russians and invading their country was a much more noble cause than me trying to come against tyranny as found right here at home. Much better and less social stigma was attached to a Russian invasion in his conservative view of the world. Of course that would be the same measure of someone having gone over to Afghanistan to "risk" their lives in the desolate mountains of the Taliban strongholds, today. Much more Nobel a cause to fight it out killing the enemy in that situation than bucking the odds trying to be silly and legalize a vegetable. What humans have as reasoning positions is so insane at times. No matter your own depravity one can always look down on someone else. It's a real trick sometimes, but if there is a way we will find it.

I have come to terms that my father and I are two opposite ends of the political spectrum. It is because of him and my brother who are of the same political filtration type, that I have come to understand that humans are born with different political filters

And he wonders why I am not gonna make it home soon!