Friday, May 7, 2010

Yeah I'm nasty

How about you try to make a better society, challenge the organized drug turf at victory square last August 11th. Get assaulted by the villains themselves. Have the cops seize the camera for 8 weeks although they took it from a third party and had no warrant. Then the crown gets to bootleg a video disc off stolen property and pretend that an assault is a consensual fight, that the cops are doing their duty helping out organized crime stay in business. All seems so normal. Cops doing good busting someone selling to people over eighteen. And then the store. How dare someone open up a normal business and treat people like they are capable of choosing for themselves adults over eighteen. Holy flying fuck, I GUESS THAT IS REALLY A CRIME ISN'T IT. To think that my neighboring business idiots used the line "There a schools in the neighborhood" with the cops. Yeah you fucking douchbag assholes now the gangs can market to them directly in the allies and soon they'll be hooked on crystal or crack. The way people like to twist reality to make themselves heard with bullshit spewing from their mouths is ridiculous. The both morons on either side 564 were lying about the smell permeating through the walls. What assholes are they? I have a degree in chemistry and I would have liked to see them prove this horseshit. Soon You will have their creative letters and be able to see the lies of the cops and these good citizens who didn't like people going about their own business next door but felt because they are good little nazi proprietors they needed to expel the bad people next door. Fuck right off and choke on your lies . I will enjoy watching the karma flow to these morons. The cops and their illegal entry before the warrant. The lies about heroin. All the bullshit piled high. Thank you your honor. One day, that seems a fair shake and a good comment on the pile of crap before this woman.

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