Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bud's Trial: Monday, May 3rd 2010. Tomorrow!

Bud needs witnesses...please. The more the merrier!

The crown offered Bud 6 months if he plead guilty which would've meant he'd be out in June...or 2+ years if he wanted a trial! At first he thought he'd been a fool to have challenged the government, just by himself - but he's decided to stand firm by his challenge, buoyed on by the few on the outside who continue to support him...

His trial is tomorrow....Monday, May 3rd 2010!!
222 Main Street, Vancouver.

(If you're coming to court for the first time - know there's a search policy when you enter. You'll have to empty all your pockets and be subjected to a scan like at the airport. Also you'll be asked to leave cell phones with cameras...until you leave that is.)

A judge at one hearing appointed Bud a 'friend of the court' - a Mr Bahen - and although he's supposed to work at arms length helping Bud defend himself, Bud is convinced he's working closely with the crown to secure a guilty plea. Their last meeting at the court a few days ago ended with Bud telling Mr Bahen to essentially 'fuck off' and that he didn't want to ever see him again - as he felt his advice was just trying to steer him once again to pleading guilty. Mr Bahen has not really responded to any of Bud's defence - rather just wants to tell Bud to plead out...

Well imagine Bud's surprise when he got a visitor Saturday afternoon - a Mr Bahen!! Wow he's quite an important lawyer (queen's bench) and he has the time on a Saturday afternoon to visit with Bud at the North Fraser Pretrial Facility...nice as pie he was, and again pushing Bud to plead. Bud just listened again...and then bid him g'day!

Bud's caught these guys with their pants down...and they probably know it now. Bud know's both the cops and the crown have made serious errors - lies entered into the particulars, and he'll be questioning them (at least the cops) on the stand!

Bud's confident of his approach. He thanks his supporters - and wants them to know he's doing this for everyone...and to challenge this criminal CDSA and it's supporters.

Hope to see some more people there tomorrow!!

Sincerely, tokebloke.

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