Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am sorry for letting you down by pleading out

The end of dignity!

Thank you all for your support! I am sorry I crashed and pleaded out. I lost all hope when the prosecution seemed to have the upper hand of tyranny! I was counting on there being an opportunity to raise reasonable doubt by excluding the video and going after the cops' dirth of notes. Alas not to be. The deck is definitely stacked against you. If it weren't for the good fortune of having a compassionate judge, I would be swinging from the nearest tree. Don't fool yourself the only sure way out, from the most serious of crimes is high priced legal talent! Six hours in the law library aren't nearly enough. I don't think that unless I had gone into my ninety ninth emotional breakdown in my life I would have ever come back. The swan dive off the top tier of the block beckoned on my return. Seriously! That little bit of jail compared to my fellow felons had taken the dignity from me.

I surely know who my friends are. Thanks to everyone including CB!

Thanks to every one who could make it to court and those that sent good karma to me from the far reaches. I love you all.

I have learned a lot, not the least of which, not to judge others so lightly. I know what Mark Emery and every activist who has or will spend a lengthy part of their lives feeding the dragon which devours human dignity to strut arrogantly posturing politically in moral self indulgence enjoying the death of spirit to enforce a diet feels like, a least a bit. Yes, some of my fellows likely deserve to be there behind the concrete, but I will never again presume to judge them. I let god do it, while I can remain respectful of each sinner's diminished humanity. I finally know whose side I'm on!

Why, I'm a sinner as are all the rest! Well maybe not Harper and the Con servatives

Their business is their business, they'll suffer enough for their sins, so I don't need to heap it on as well! It will only diminish me, the judging. Some are better than others and all are no better or worse than the rest of us. Some just haven't got caught yet. Some of us have parliamentary privilege, a better credit rating, can kill behind a badge, while others become the grist for the justice mill!

If I owe anybody anything, I soon be right.

Again, I didn't win like Clarence Darrow my hapiest thoughts thunk up. No, I wimped out and began to wail in despair. I cried for myself mostly, but I also cried for Marc Boyer, DML, Marc Emery, anyone who has ever spent a moment behind bars for exercising their god given freedom of choice. And yes I am not ashamed to say it, I meant it!

Tyranny is cruel and I felt its torture rack.

My telephone is on call forward, and I haven't had the ability to correct it. My Wolf is unawares of my imminent return, I'm hoping that someone might have a digital camera for the reunion as mine is still confiscated for complaining of assault to the OPCC on behalf of Rainbow John!

Funny how they can easily download a disk without provenience to crucify me in court today but the VPD must keep my camera in this instance according to Sgt. Ralph Kaiser #1680 who visited me in North Fraser on The matter only a couple of weeks ago. According to Ralphie the courts won't let anything but the original camera in as evidence. That's because I came against a cop. There absolutely nothing on it about the incident, but they will keep it for a year likely.

Oh well, have it your way! Police state in modern soulless Canada.

We've come a long way from when I spoke Lester B, and was transfused with his spirit of optimism.

Now a days we allow the highest mucky mucks from The Prime Minister's own fold to cavort with corruption and become all hockey hard to strip away like self righteous dragons every old inmate's pension, to ladle out vengeance on Clifford Olsen.

We as a nation will suffer mightily soon for are smallness and short vision.

Canadians are destined soon to share in the spoils of their close minded conservative tightfisted misery. All the while the worst of the worst like Colonel Williams are hiding in plain view!

I'm happy to feeding this addiction once again. I have come to hate television anew!

"Inside" I wrote a story soon to come out as an ebook. I been told its not bad by fellow felons, at least the stroy concept, but then what would they know, eh you friggen highbrows?

It's a psychedelic political fantasy, my version of Animal Farm. be on the look out for it! Stoned Crow Chronicles. It's a saga meant to be cheaply consumed by the masses, an alternative view of our present reality. And for several weeks my escape into never never land. I was using up Bics at the one every five days rate. The rest of the time lately was spent in my frustrated legal training.

Do I have any regrets? Not one. I'm just gonna become reborn and like spilling mercury harder to grab hold of by those whose political tree I am about to shake.

Oh, and my honest opinion about the withdrawal of consent, the forming of a free society: Don't try this at home kids!

That's why in hang gliding we used to call the early fliers at a competition, wind dummies (today the more politically correct, wind engineers!)

Yeah, you might say if your one of my old soaring buddiea: Klaus sure sank out!

Hey, I say, a good writer (hopefully someday) should be well experienced.

What doesn't Kill me will make me stronger and likely much more agile.

Tomorrow the White wolf returns. I missed him the most. Such good friends we have.

Thanks again.

I'll re edit today. This is sleepless addiction binging!


jmusic1977 said...

Hey bud damn im sure happy to see you got out I have been watching your cse with all of my attention.I wish I had the money to send so you coulda paid your bills.

bud oracle said...

You know that those that could afford it gave generously. I thank them for it. But what I get in the way of good karma is just as important and beneficial. Thanks you all for your love and good vibes, it is so important to me.