Friday, May 28, 2010

Calderon "We are kicking them hard!"

When you consider the entrenchment of crime in Mexico his words are brave indeed. They don't impress me though, as I have been hearing them for half a century with the exact same results. The Early Edition has a special on in Abbotsford this morning and one of the main topics is gang violence. Winnipeg's ongoing gang violence is again in the news.

And on it goes. The comment most agreed on in the Winnipeg CBC article starts out
Here is a simple idea to help control the expanding crime and violence that is engulfing Canada in the last few years. How about we change our immigration laws and stop accepting people, with no training or education and nothing to offer Canada, from crap hole third world countries where life has little to no value and crime is a way of life....

A half century of this bullshit is what I have been listening to.

Might this treatment be a real, simple, pragmatic solution? (The first link was to a CBC national video ) Why in the frig wouldn't we try it rather than keep going through the same endless error loop? It's not like we are succeeding in keeping this deadly substance off our streets with our present policies. What do we have to loose except our delusions? The guy in the end of the video spout bs about the addicts in Calgary for sure coming here to Vancouver is a moron. The whole idea of this program is top dispense heroin through any drug store in the country for those who need it. That way you prevent people coming to Vancouver to have more accessibility to drugs.

Breaking news! Prince George RCMP announces largest grow op bust in history. 18,000 plants the names sound oriental one from BC and one from Quebec. Wanna bet that no one of significance will shake down from this. The other thing is this thing might represent a coup by the RCMP but it also represents a void in production, an opportunity needing to be filled.

The gangs are a direct result of the lucrative black market which has lured these ruthless entrepreneurs into participating in it. From the escalating profits these people arm themselves with American weapons. Without the huge profits from prohibition they would not have the power that they do.

My own experience makes me well aware of the dilemma facing many people: I have no current resume and if it wasn't for friends I would have a hard time getting any work at all. Crime and criminal organizations don't require resumes. This makes it very easy to recruit more gang members no matter what the government does. Think about how a young person might have a difficult time getting a low paying job, while criminal opportunities abound around them. There is no other outcome for such a model than increased crime, gang membership and lawlessness (a general growing of disrespect for the law.)

The Current this morning is talking about the Shower posse. The talk is of cutting off the flow of money back to Jamaica. "The only way is to deny criminal gangs their grip on society." Really? This is the only thing that hasn't been tried in the last half century. But repeal of prohibition is not on the agenda!

The continuing "solutions" put forth from our governments are guaranteed to escalate these dangers of gang violence as they have been proven to do for the last half century.

These are the facts proven to be so through direct observation of our society in the last half century. What Prime Minister Harper is doing when he submits to the American Drug War Strategy is going against reason and the facts, while delivering more of the same as we have seen.

This sustained apparent idiocy is tolerated and accepted by the citizens as if it has merit. What hope is there other than what the gangs offer? If the government insists on this course of action which encourages the growth of gang power, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Might as well get on the bandwagon early and stake out your own turf in the jungle. Network with your local criminals, because they will eventually have all the power that counts. Don't get on the wrong side of any of the criminal elements in your community unless you are willing to risk becoming targeted. Check out the statistics and see how often they get someone to court in one of those "targeted killings." Then check out how often there is a conviction in those cases. We all know what will be the outcome the next time the police are investigating one of those targeted killings. The witnesses will not have good memories and be reluctant to be forthcoming.

Yeah, you know which side is destined to succeed in this game! Get on it! The war is coming here!

Canadian's failure to elect effective, pragmatic good leadership has caused this problem. The problem is directly due to the citizen's disconnect from their duties. The duty of citizens is to elect good leadership which makes good laws and corrects problems rather than sell out the country to another country's crazy tyranny.

This is a solution for all countries in the world: look to the safety of your own communities and make laws which benefit your own citizens rather than sell out for economic favored trade status with the American monster for the benefit of business class. Let these entrepreneurs operate on their own merit without burdening our society with laws that encourage CRIME. If they can't compete, rather than bail them out, let them sink.

Think about the fact that the police are withholding my camcorder illegally as the Crown Attorney released it last week. They have no understanding of the importance of PR on a personal individual basis. Cops feel like they are above the laws and act accordingly. This policy will eventually come back to haunt them as we all can see in the daily loss of respect which they deservedly unleash upon themselves. It's part of their own built in power homeostasis. If they get too arrogant their own behavior will come back to change them through the reaction it garners.

Constable Christian #2187 is doing his petty thing and ignoring the law because he can. No one can make him obey the law for the greater good of the the Rule of Law, he can ignore it and do his own petty crime without censure. I have called up the message center 604 717 3349 and left a couple of messages. No response.

Cops get away with breaking the laws all the time and there is no recourse, no rule of law. At every turn large or small it is apparent which side has won: the side of crime and corruption.

NO RULE OF LAW. Rahim Jaffer gets off. Benjamin Monty the drunk driving mounty gets off after killing Orion Hutchison. Also after doing Robert Djeikanski at the airport. For Ian Bush, for David Knipstrom. Cops usually get away with all crimes large or small, including murder.

And they think this will garner them respect?

I guess if their reasoning tells them that prohibition is the way to go, then their irrational disrespectful unlawful behavior during citizen interactions might seem perfect, too!

Here is a portrait of what the criminal entrepreneur is really like. The draw to the streets is made all the sweeter if the carrot is big and juicy. This is the draw of Lawlessness that I keep referring to

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