Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christopher "Dudus" Coke

This is so fascinating. What kind of loyalty, what kind of hold does this man command? 60 lives lost so far and they are not giving him up. This is more power and support than any Canadian politician has gotten during the last 3 decades, if ever. If you scratch just a tiny bit below the front page hype on this one, look carefully at Mexico, and compare them to our homegrown tinpot despots in Ottawa and the corruption they wreak on the entire land, you will see what the real problem is.

The real Problem is this: The United Snakes of Amerika is undermining law and order on a global scale, exporting their puritanical Prohibition laws along with its military and economic clout. If they controlled and regulated their own population's voracious appetite for drugs while at the same time leaving off with upholding corrupt criminal governments whose only claim to fame is that they do Amerika's bidding to their own citizenry without a whimper, the citizenry would not be prayed upon by organized crime. It is the lucrative nature of the uncontrolled drug market which makes it rewarding to peddle more and more drugs to younger and younger Americans. Where ever drugs are legalized/decriminalized their use dramatically decreases.

I wonder at the charisma a "gangster" like this Dudus has. There has to be something they are not saying about this man, this story. To paint this man as a drug kingpin and nothing else doesn't explain the fierce loyalty that is plain to see.

Is this what it will take to finally start telling Amerika to fack off? Neighborhood insurrection at the gangster level to show the world that some people are not so keen on letting another country fetch one of their number from their country is what it might take.

Why should the Amerikan administration be allowed to perpetrate world tyranny with idiotic prohibition laws which encourage gangsterism for ever? Enough is f*cking enough isn't it? I mean they plucked Marc Emery from our Country without hardly a whimper for selling seeds.

That's right, for selling seeds in the year 2010, a man who paid taxes to our government has to serve 5 friggen years in an Amerikan Jail. This is for a crime not even prosecuted in Canada. I would rather be a Jamaican today than a Canadian.

These people have a spirit of self determination that is lacking in Canadians. You can have all the gold hockey glory in the world, but it is this measure of fierce resistance which will be the indicator of a nation's future sovereignty.

What you are seeing is the seeds of Amerika's drug war coming to fruition here and in Mexico. Amerika, since Nixon has created many men with vast empires who hate Amerikan law, are well armed and ruthless, will reap what it sows. The war on drugs has spawned a world wide disrespect for law and government and an increase in lawlessness. Now these elements born of prohibition are ready to bear their bitter fruit.

Thousands killed in Mexico, hundreds killed in Canadian drug turf enforcement, hundreds to thousands killed in many other countries all to prop up terminal idiocy in puritanical thinking: Prohibition

It goes against the laws of nature to try to control another person's diet and yet we are forced to endure this crazy idiocy called Amerika's war on drugs.

Have a good look around this will be happening in your neighborhood soon!

How friggen arrogant can you be? The addiction to oil has befouled their coastline as well as that of other parts of the world, all to feed an addictive way of self transport using a fossil fuel burning consumer product, but still some how the USA feels that it has the moral right to determine what state of mind a free adult might wish to access. Can you imagine that? The utter absurdity that the people who allow this to happen, are just what you need to determine your diet!

Marc Boyer has a date tomorrow at 9 am in Provincial court.

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