Friday, May 14, 2010

The documentary on Bud's latest test flight airs tonight

Tonight May 14 2010 at the fabulous Birch theater on the campus of Capilano University in North Van at 7 PM to 9:30 there will be a showing of this years documentary projects. One of which will be Bud the Oracle's latest adventure at 564 E Broadway I am told some of my most memorable quotes will be included to haunt me perhaps "I'm Captain of this ship! Avast! Stand aside!" "I'm just trying to see if the wings will stay on!"

I really don't know if I can make it. The price of admission is free but the bus ride is expensive right now. Perhaps the other major consideration is that I might cringe at the true nature of my depravity. On the plus side I would like to see how the film maker did in her project as compared the others in her class. If I ever won the lottery, I might take the course myself and this would be a good way of seeing how good a course it is. Documentary film maker. It would likely help with my Utubes.

I wish people would telephone Sgt Ralph Kaiser #1680 VPD and ask him why he has my camera? It was stolen from my hand when the police assaulted Rainbow John West and was not in use. The only thing on it is an interaction between us and a security firm. Why do the police have this camera? Are they above the law criminal code 337? The number is 604 717 3349 . Just punch in the Badge number when prompted and ask this man why they have my camera. No CHARGES ARE PENDING. (see second post down for the description of the VPD assault on Rainbow John)


I am missing my camera. It is an obstruction of my free expression

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