Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who is the problem?

Yesterday I went to Trout Lake with the Wolf. It was taken over by some students playing games under teacher's supervision. There were six or eight canoes being paddled about by more noisy kids. There were fewer dogs around, the space having been taken up by children of all ages. I made nothing special of it and passed through.

While on my journey around the lake I came across several dog owners who were more than a little upset about the turn of events. I suppose that these are the ones that the great machinery of government is designed for. They would need someone to complain to. There should be a "department of children integrated park services" or something, where one can duly complain, lay some charges, or create some sort of legal havoc for someone. I mean maybe these children are being exposed to canine bio-hazard, as well as presenting an elevated exposure to allergens beyond what the social insurance scheme can bear. I'm sure that the whole outing was not well thought out considering the potential dangers of mixing children and dogs. Considering that, and canoeing at a dog beach, there should be several laws that are being breached. Holy crap a doodle. And if there aren't any laws then there should be someone elected like Helena Guergis to handle the problem and create some feedback for friends. NFFFF

I was dismayed by the venom against children and their stupid teacher supervisors that several woman verbalized. Keeping my mouth shut and not wearing my bud hat allows me to slink into the background and become more of an observer. This has enormous benefits.

Cutting down on my quiet time for a few minutes was a fair trade for watching this mass of kids at play. If you pick a distant knot of kids and watch them for a moment and kind of squint you'll find yourself way back in your own childhood. I really can't understand how the happy sound of kids at play can piss people off like that. Isn't there a little jailhouse somewhere for people who are so instantly hateful.

All too soon they were gone today. Dogs ruled again. Met some lovely people today. I keep forgetting that I am not wearing my crown of buds and its like a great new experience. The White Wolf wins the hearts of the nicest ladies. What a treasure he is!

He doesn't like children, but unless they make directly for him he leaves them alone. If some kids wished to be bold and approach him he would give them something to think about. Thankfully, after a solid warning he does retreat.

Aloofus never took notice of the huge number of kids seething around him. We passed them in a couple of minutes. Their voices ringing out in the background followed us around the lake.

I guess you had to have been deprived of your freedom lately to find the unhappy attitude over children in a dog park so enthralling. Such a petty thing to become upset about. Share the fucking world! Let others be happy doing what they will. What is your fucking problem? Who gives a shit what my state of mind is so long as it is happy and doesn't develop a hateful attitude towards others.

The haters have a lot of say in today's world! Our government always sides with the haters.

Those who walk by each other in peace are happy anarchists, while the haters need representation to reach out and touch those whom they hate. The world would need no armies if it were populated by those who would leave everyone to their own peaceful devices. Its the haters who wish to control others, who need the whole infrastructure of the police state for their self expression. Even though it is labeled "Parliamentary Democracy," it is in reality a thinly disguised lie for tyranny.

There was a lot going through my mind today. I truly believe you need psychedelics in your diet in a regular way. To go without them for too long, deprives you of a chance to become mentally balanced with a deeper perspective.

I've been working on Stoned Crow Chronicles and its about magic mushrooms crows and dog parks. Today, when I did a couple of grams of shrooms, I was superbly connected to the voices of the birds around me. The sound scape is so rich and full of spring promise. Also, the aromatic scents of fertility, swamp plant growth, give me a heady feeling as I bike through them. Breezes on my face make it feel as if I am flying while coasting on my bike. Such a warm spiritual connection to my world, why would this be illegal? Friendly women with an Aussie accent. Three generations of girls from Granny through young Juno only eight months old.

I wish I had my camera. But the cops need it more, I guess.

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bureaucratdotca said...

in my expereince, once a place is stamped 'dog park', it is the death knell for any non-dog-owner to go in, sad and pathetic, because dog owners are supposed to have control over their beasties at all times (yeah right!) and they aren't supposed to encroach on anyone else using the space