Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Marc Emery (click for news of yesterday's demonstration)

Four hours of tooling around in my sandals and socks yesterday on behalf of the Marc Emery cause was worth it. There is another demonstration happening tomorrow at Victory square 2 pm. Why is this man being tortured for selling seeds when the crime is not prosecuted in Canada. Some people seem to have been inconvenienced. My nice shoes which fit like a glove are still in prison awaiting my return. It's an all day round trip to North Fraser by bus that some of my friends made more than once to visit me. It was almost worth it to have been in there because it has given me perspective and understanding that I am loved by more than a few. No matter how silly I sometimes get, some people stick by me and more seem to find me. That is why we must stick with Marc and all those who fight for this cause.

I am surprised at the increase in my blog attendance since before I went in-as high as 500%. Thanks to everyone. I wish that people who believe in that sort of thing (prayer) would pray for a friend of mine's mother who is very ill. We need more prayer and good will/"vibes" in general for everyone, including those imprisoned. Its about affecting the water molecule with your spirit. I'm getting some more work today, so that is good.

I am sad to hear of the financial and other difficulties people are going through. I feel it too. I know things are getting better for myself as well as others. Happiness is a mental state which can be accessed from any other state of being.

Had a chance to see the documentary that the young film maker from Capilano University made; The Freed Man.

She did a very good job getting the balance of humor, honest insight, and over the "top-ped-ness" just right. The last is not easy to do when you are dealing with someone like Chief Justice Bud the Oracle.

Statements made while on the outer limits of reason such as "I'm captain of this ship" were not as stinging to watch as I thought they would be. Although I did have my runny nose and was my carelessly dressed self for all to see, I was not ashamed of what I said. Considering that I was mostly high on good pot, during the trout lake and store scenes on my favorite 60 mg dose of MDMA I performed well.

There is nothing that I did regret saying or doing. Who I really am as you would meet me in the dog park at that time comes through. She did extremely well to expose the passion of my politics but not to get caught up in them.

Robin the Registrar came through very real as well, including his intellectual brand of good humor. In watching it the diversity of our natures comes through and I again marvel at the pragmatic way Robin and I can work through things although we are political opposites.

The film is exactly what it was commissioned to be: a true slice into our lives at a very special moment in time, and a minor point in history.

I am so glad this young lady got to do it and that she did such a good job!

She has promised to put it up on her Youtube account so that I can embed it into the blog and link to it. Some consent forms to be signed and such. This young lady will do well in her craft, I am sure

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