Friday, May 21, 2010

What did 564 E Broadway have to do with the news of a robbery I recieved only a short while ago?

The news was of a violent attack during a robbery to get a pot dealer's product. I know this man to be a peaceful business man with ethics as are most marijuana dealers. But this isn't the first time and there is nowhere to turn to except yourself in upholding your own safety.

Why I opened up a store and demonstrated in Victory Square was to be able to bring this activity into the safety of other normal commercial enterprises. I did call 911 when we were assaulted at Victory Square but rather than go after the violent criminal whose drug turf we were challenging the VPD chose to enforce the CDSA.

So let me explain to you imbeciles who can't put 2 and 2 together, once more, what will happen in this incident multiplied a thousand times. Since the police won't protect you, you have to do something to stay alive. Quitting supplying a natural product to honest people who need it is not an option. There has to be an alternative to alcohol for those who choose it. Tyranny will be fought on its own terms wherever it rears its ugly head.

So if there is no rule of law, having been coopted by organized criminal violence as well as an increase in individual lawlessness and violence, where do you turn?

Let me explain to you that most likely this person will turn to where everyone does eventually in a dangerous lawless jungle, EITHER HE WILL GET HIMSELF A WEAPON OR BETTER YET HE WILL HIRE A WEAPON OR SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE A WEAPON.

So let me explain it to you morons, this is the sure way to ratchet up dangerous violent crime in your communities: Make sure that no stores open up to sell it to people over 18. Keep it illegal so that criminals can use the law for their enterprise. Cops will always have job security when you create many petty criminals who supply people with a freedom of choice. Some of these will not be petty criminals though. They will control the lesser ones and set the pace of conflict.

A better crime recruitment and lawlessness escalating program than prohibition could not have been invented. It's a perfect fulfilling, self serving, fully integrated system where politicians get elected spouting its lie, cops get hired to fight the crime caused by bad laws, and society gets fed more propaganda about we need even tougher laws to give more ruthless criminals an even more lucrative reward. The whole insanity is dependent upon a moral judgment which has not been proven valid.


There is absolutely no way that Canada can escape what has happened to Mexico if we continue to go down this path to ever more lawlessness. Violence and crime only beget more lawlessness and there is no way that the state can keep up with the rate of escalation it causes through stupid laws that go against the freedom of choice people are born with, against human nature, our proclivity to seek out altered states of consciousness.

When you make criminals out of people who sell plants and seeds, you are going against the primacy of nature and you are bound to reap rewards commensurate with such idiocy.

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