Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How Bud got the least amount of punishment that a Judge could give

It was so great being out amongst the living today Friday 7 May 2010. Someone mentioned what the fellow got who drove drunk and had cocaine on him. If you click the title of this post you can read my post on Rahim Jaffer when that went down. The first part is someone elses newsprint article but my questions at the end especially the one where I wonder if he shares it at home, seem kind of relevant in retrospect. Maybe her behavior at the airport answers that question.

The plea bargain involved dropping the August 11th charges altogether and pleading out to the store charges. There was a questionable entry before the warrant was issued and a failure to mention that the exhibits officer was one of the cops who entered on a supposed emergency visit. there were 3 charges then:

1) 3 pounds of various primo pot.

2) 300 HITS lsd AND 150 HITS mdma

3 150 gm Psyloscibin

The Prosecutor was asking for time served at 2X so 74 days served plus 7 months.

The judge gave me the very least sentence she could give. She gave one day on each of the counts to serve concurrently on the day of the trial. I am restricted from weapons but no other conditions or probation/parole.

I had an emotional breakdown after the video was shown in an voir dir. It probably didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would but my total preparation had gone into having the video excluded. That would have required lots more time inside spent waiting for court dates.

What really helped me I believe, because she is the same JUDGE WHO SENT MARC BOYER UP, is the fact that during my daily protest I had had a chance to talk to her outside. I had met her a couple of years ago during my days on the councilor elections when I had stuck my head into cop cars to be in court. I thought she was a crown councilor Then. She had been upset when I mentioned my dog was tied up outside all day. Then during my daily protests on behalf of Marc, she as did many of the legal actors came out to have a chat. We got to know each other as dog lovers first and of course I campaigned about my cause. Probably said something bad about the stupid judge who sentenced my buddy to six months and other disparraging remarks about the judiciary. I think I met her twice mostly conversing about the White Wolf who was seconded in the bushes out front by the bench. She was probably witness to some of my disparaging remarks about the legal profession, hurtful insults at cops and such. So it wasn't all hunki dory nice smoke being blown by me. I believe that at a couple of times when she walked by at first during the daily protests I might even have harangued the poor woman because I was still think she was a crown prosecutor. I knew that at first she was quite conservative in her attitude towards drugs as we talked. I think that we spoke very candidly about our individual attitude towards drugs. I believe I spoke to her of many many things There probably was my hang gliding, my acid trips my entire life in a nutshel. And you can imagine a blabber mouth like me and a quiet judge.

I probably mentioned that I got the Wolf when I had the grow op near Creston and my involvement in Mayerthorpe, and other interactions with the police. Probably I invited her to Youtubes and my blog many times. I may even have pitched her with my wares saying "I have a legal profession special this weak on some Afhani Kush to help you unwind after a busy day IN COURT." I SHIT YOU NOT! I am that way with anyone and although many have come away from the encounter swearing I am a certifiable lunatic, I assure you not many say THAT I'M INSINCERE

I think, though she got that I was sincere in my political activism and why I was doing it. She watched the last video shot where I advertise the menu and am testing out the acid. When the crown played it I had a massive sagging feeling about how incriminating it was. I didn't clue in to who the Judge was until she was facing Te friend of the Court James Bahen speaking on my behalf. He did a pretty good sincere plea saying that it was my contention to stop the insanity of having gangs and organized crime with the police backing it. I did a not too bad job with the witness who came and in cross examining the cop who was lead investigator and perhaps that is why the crown dropped the charges entirely.

My post Morten assessment or born again proclaim is this: At every turn in life you might be called upon to project a part of yourself to others. Be careful to be sincere and send forth the best of yourself in every conversation, you never know whom you are engaging!

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