Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What to do when you live in a shoe?

Some people will start their day off confined. They will pay a political price for being honest about their beliefs and providing a beneficial plant for those who choose to use it. To think that such a right wing nightmare is playing itself out in today's age. It's like a medieval plague, a religious cleansing of some kind.

"Those of the plant and those against the plant!" Let there be strife, murder and mayhem, a police state of cruel proportions, rather than allow those adults who wish to feel a bit happy while not being impaired their portion of bliss and due. All must be drunk when happy, no one shall access the evil states of mind from which progressive change might come. Yea shall stay cleansed of all suspicious left thoughts and be happy with fear and hate of others. Only those who partake of the yeast excrement shall be without felony in their drunken stupor, whilst all the rest must accept their criminality and be ready to serve their time for their crime.

Think of the right wing idiocy it must take to think like that. It's like the moron who tries to tell us that the only way for her to have stopped using drugs was because the fear of cops and consequences at the end of the radio show Part 1 War on drugs. Listen to her try to tell you that black is white and green is red.

The fact is she herself with support kicked her habit. Prohibition with all of its bullshit went on around her continuously, all the drugs she was addicted to, were all available to her, people were getting shot over drug debts, the cops had more murders to investigate as life in a crime ridden world went on about this bimbo. So you fucking well gave up drugs! big fucking deal. Now you get to promote yourself as an expert on everything, a social guru with all the friggen answers. Not a single one of her answers on the reasons we should keep prohibition in place make any sense.

When someone gives up cigarettes, they don't all of the sudden become experts on social policy. There seems a type of tunnel vision of small minded thinking that is pervading Canadian mental health. A last century type of right wing myopia which tends to lead to linear solutions to complex problems.

$50.00 to know the sex of your fetus now. See, information is a valuable commodity and can be a legitimate way to recover some health care costs. It seems that there is a cadre of evil doers in charge of Canada whose political capital is readily spent on lowering our compassion meter reading. We will help women around the world but not with any abortions, we will stand behind Canadian prisoners in other countries unless they have done something very wrong, and we will deny all pensioner prisoners their rightful due having worked for their pensions to be spiteful to Clifford Olsen, to please those who will never forgive anyone of anything.

Yeah, this is the kind of Canadian that will be a taxpaying conformist ready to shout on behalf of policies that will degrade them, that will have their stupid way. They will listen to the people who can lie to them and make them believe that abortion should not be allowed, that gays should not have equal rights and that you should slave for meager benefits and hate anyone not the same as you. These are the people who tell you that the junk foods they sell are good for you, much better than the illegal stuff which criminals sell to you.

When the same scientists who have caused our world to become a lethal toxic soup of mass destroying weapons and addictions to petroleum products tell us that the same neural centers are accessed and stimulated the same way as all substances reach humans, what the fuck is your problem Harper? Rahim and his lovely wife might enjoy a snort once in a while, which makes them no fucking different that you and your piggy buddies who enjoy the odd donuts on occasion. Not that I am saying that this makes them somehow worthy. Lying two faced ass kissing tyrants like them should not be in positions where they can harm people while sticking money into their own pockets. You remember your buddy and mentor, Brian? Now he had a thing with enriching himself via his office, similar to but not exactly the same as Rahim whose wife wife was a minister of your government. You see what I am getting at here. She was sniveling so nice with Peter Mansbridge, having been strong armed out by Steven Huxster only recently. I don't agree with your lightning speed actions on firing the lovely Helena, but doubt her proclaimed innocence too. Something just doesn't add up to this pile of political doo doo,: it stinks with wafting aromas, but there is no visible putrefaction. Must be because there have been no cocaine possession or impaired driving charges. Funny how a little thing like no mention of these things on your rap sheet makes a big difference. That's why these things rarely stick to anyone in the political or legal profession. These types of players make their lucrative living in these circles and can't afford to be burdened by a criminal record. Not the same for others in this country, therefore there is no rule of law.

When someone is allowed to step away from driving impaired at almost twice the speed limit and be found to have cocaine in their possession, are they not being a serious risk to someone using that piece of roadway at that time? Only if they don't have friends in high places, I guess? If someone sells some seeds for a plant deemed a medicine, or even someone tries to make their community safer by demonstrating the controlling and regulating of dangerous substances lets give them 5 years or take the peaceful activism and turn it into a crime, that's OK. What kind of nightmare are we living in today?

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