Monday, June 14, 2010

Casual Conversation while under the influence of marijuana

Besides being a practice attempt at editing a video using one sound scape of a dog park conversation and a bunch of stills, this video is important to my political cause.

I am sitting at my favorite spot at Trout Lake trying to get a bird sound scape when a mother and son happened by. They were drawn into a spontaneous conversation over their love of the White Wolf. What is remarkable is the fact that I had my pot pipe in my hand and had been toking as they came by. She was perhaps in her sixties with him in his thirties. The event was totally benign and uneventful. Why would I need to be made a criminal over my actions? These people don't seem to mind my behavior. We are getting along fine.

Why would the government need to step in and control this with criminal sanctions?

Am I insane? I just don't get it. How could anyone in their right mind want to criminalize some like me? What is the friggen problem here Mr. Harper? Where is the need for government intervention?

Why would someone need to go to prison for five years for selling the seeds of this plant?

Am I nuts, or has the world gone over the edge? I honestly don't get it. Where is the crime?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm actually pretty impressed with the video.

You seem to be learning that program pretty quickly.

It is always refreshing to meet people with a little common sense and who are not judgemental about what you were doing 2 minutes earlier. People think pot smokers are paranoid. I think the majority of society is really paranoid because they think its a drug so it oughta be bad.

For example, i got into a discussion with a couple of people about driving while under the influence of pot. They thought it was a really bad thing to do. I showed them the fox news video and they were very judgemental about the study saying "driving while under the influence of anything should be punished".

If a person can get past judging other people for their color, religion, state of mind, I think that person has much respect for them self and everyone around them.

The people who look at you all funny when your walking down the street smoking a joint, they obviously have little respect or dignity towards certain groups of people which they probably think "oh looks like just another bum smoking a joint".

Anonymous said...
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bud oracle said...

CFFBSC That's exactly what I think. It is a way the government gives these people the legal right to express their own prejudices. Not only that, but the Government actually colors and instigates these prejudices in those people. It's a legal way for the prejudiced people to give vent to their dysfunction. And then their dysfunction is planted, nurtured, cultivated as a tool used by tyrants to express themselves. Fear of the unknown (crass ignorance) is always at the root of these things and exploited by the clever and corrupt for their purposes.

This marijuana tyranny comes from the exact same place, only shaped by today's cultural tolerance a bit, as any historical cultural crusade..... Like the inquisition for instance

But not by much. Fives years imprisonment for a lie is only marginally better than being burned at the stake for witchcraft, if you understand that anything might happen to Marc in there.

I am permanently injured because I was assaulted by someone in jail. My eyesight in my left eye is impaired with blank spots and is fuzzy.

Marc could actually loose his life in prison quite easily. Therefore, we haven't really come far from burning people at the stake, have we?

Anonymous said...

I would totally agree. I hate the people who say they are so open minded and have a love for different cultures but they bash pot smokers. I find it irrational and stupid.

I had heard that you were assaulted in jail but i didn't realize that you got it in the eye. That sucks!

Talk to you in a couple days or so.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That first comment was mine. I'm just figuring out how to use this thing properly haha.

Vi2139 said...
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