Sunday, June 13, 2010

Study on driving while under the influence of Marijuana

 I am very interested in the way the news announcers are quick to parrot the establishment line that "Researchers claim that their findings do not mean it is is safe to drive under the influence. They point out that people are more distracted while high." Yeah right but their performance is the same as those who are not high?

I will add to this post later after the wolf and I get some sniffing of the roses time in. This subject has been of interest to me since I realized that smoking pot probably helped keep me from making decisions that would have have likely killed me while Hang gliding. Yeah I slowed down, didn't make bold decisions while flying high. This is normally called caution when exercised in a non drug testing environment.

I can't honestly admit to being "impaired" in any meaningful sense when I am high. That is why I enjoy the state so much. It actually adds to rational thought, enhanced creative perception for me. This has paid off personally many times in my life, besides the invention of the Batten pocket repair kit for hang gliders: and the penny repair for a BMW motorcycle
When a substance which alters while increasing your perception, makes one feel happy/non aggressive, kills pain, is medically beneficial as both cure and preventative and relieves stress comes along, which also allows you to realize that you should compensate by becoming more cautious, it is time to study it seriously without prejudice for the comparative benefits for our society it may have over alcohol.
Isn't it interesting that the last century has brought humanity both prohibition and the greatest loss of life due to world wide aggression/conflict?

Here are some serious drug side effects W5 CTV The Dark Side Parts 1 and 2. I would never have thought such profound behavioral/personality changes were possible as a result of a Parkinson drug. They say in the article that it effects the same centers of the brain which controls impulses. This clearly shows me that addiction is a malfunction of molecular biology in the human body. The criminal code could not be effective against a biological chemical imbalance, could it?

At no time ever was I as dangerous as that poor lady with her addictions while I was driving on pot. I can just imagine her driving down the 401 furtively glancing for the neon signs of a casino or a male stranger. This woman was never warned by the manufacturers nor the pharmacists, nor the doctors, as are alcohol users never warned that severe personality changes, as well as loss of hand eye coordination and cognitive impairment can be expected from the use of this product.

I just had another enlightening encounter with a young friend who has dropped by to smoke a joint with me. He told me that presently he was seeking a second job in the evenings, perhaps doing dishes, because he has too much time on his hands and so ends up smoking too much pot. This revelation, he told me, came during a mushroom trip a couple of weeks ago. He quit smoking so much pot and is bored so is seriously looking to get a second job. If that isn't great reasoning and creative thinking brought on by the very substances he is using I wouldn't know what is. Enhanced self awareness produced by psychedelics which leads to a constructive change in someone's life is a great side effect compared to pharmaceutical crap. To be able to moderate your use of marijuana on an impulse reflects the fact that it isn't as addictive as tobacco or many other drugs.

I too have had no problem cutting back my intake because I can't afford it.

This young man's motto to me was "Everything in moderation."

Why should people who use these substances be criminals compared to those who get to swill alcohol until they become crazy, or use prescription drugs which are also dangerous? What kind of insanity is behind the rationality for this nonsense?

If people are not impaired by using marijuana, then why are we making them into criminals when they drive just as well as those who are not using it? Wouldn't we prefer people use a substance during recreation which leaves one unaffected?

Below is a high wind foot launch of a soaring machine much like the one I describe in the podcast above Where I invent the batten pocket repair kit.

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