Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cops and their deception

In the title link you can see that there are some cracks in the deceitful facade.

In the pictures above, you have three cops of the VPD enchanting a lady whose dim understanding of the issues leads her to believe that drugs are prohibited in the Bible. She will pray for me because I choose to exercise God's gift of Freedom of Choice. There are those who don't wish to employ any reason but believe every lie. I leave off with the impossible mission of speaking logic to her quickly, not wishing to cast my pearls before the slugs.

These three cops chatted with me only a few minutes prior to this encounter as I was tying up my bike at the other end of the Art Gallery Square. They were aware of who I was (my fame precedes me) and my last encounter near by with Rainbow John (where I lost my camera) They wanted to know what the protest was all about and were quite civil, almost respectful. Strangely, I get this sense in the property room gang of the VPD, too. Adrienne Switzer even went out of her way (and she does have a full schedule hanging people for drug crimes) to help garner the release of the camcorder. There is not so much disrespect coming from them as individuals towards me as was the case before.

I rely on my psychedelic's heightened senses. They seldom do me wrong in these kind of directly experienced things. These cops seemed to be "pumping" me for inside info in a good nature way. It is not my nature to hate people on a personal basis for anything. This keeps my water pure. The sense I got was that they were taking what I had to say seriously, maybe not agreeing with it, but mulling it over at the very least.

Maybe my forte would be more of a spokesman in a luncheon, dinner speaker kind of role. I don't think I can make it as a stand up comedian, but perhaps some kind of speaker. I will check into it because I don't know anything about Toastmasters. Maybe politics is not the way to go for me.

Luckily I have good advice coming from close friends. My wish is for always more close friends. When I wonder why a certain person hasn't come by lately, they suddenly show up, happy to see me.

These cops were joyous to have this lady upholding the lie of prohibition so that they could have me under their legal control/as an adversary/as their piece of law enforcement work. They were happy to have her dimwitted logic blowing prohibition smoke their way. You can see their indulgent smug smiles when hearing the lies being rote repeated at them

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