Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some candid conversation with someone whose path is different: Rainbow John

I think its rather nice of John to entertain us with his memories and thoughts. in the first one we range from Marc to James Cagny in our discussion.

In the second one he shares his impressions of the start of WW2 as a four year old and his memories of the air armada on D-day overflying him as a 9 year old. Something about the lack of chocolate eclairs shaping him into his peace activist role.

While uploading this video I was listening to "Ideas" a favorite radio program on CBC. Tonight's show fit right in with John's attitude of seeing the beauty in the world: “Beauty Will Save the World!” CBC producer Frank Faulk

Why should we discourage this type of behavior in older people? Why are tokers of all ages persecuted by the government? Are we not peaceful loving people? Why does the Government hate us, make us criminals? Is this not the type of elder one would want in a society?

This is my post as Shatner Bassoon on Leaders deny Liberal-NDP merger talks.

That is the problem : resistance to change.

To look at a possible merger as impossible because of old party allegiance, is to ignore the natural way of things evident all around us: evolution.

In the birth of something new, undreamed of possibilities arise.

The most dangerous problem facing Canada today is it's unwillingness to move forward, to seize the new day in a new way.

In all of the recent dithering and government dysfunction can't we see that the solution is a simple change of mind; adopting a malleable mental attitude.

It is what used to be called progress. Are we so mired in past doctrine that we are unwilling to embrace a new future? If ever there was a time to unhook from former ways, to experiment with something different, it would be now.

It wouldn't hurt the liberals to become more democratic, while the New Democrats could use some liberalization.

Why not think of the people of Canada, not your respective parties for once?

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